Dominic Monaghan : Mailboy (male_handler) wrote in lauderville,
Dominic Monaghan : Mailboy

Delivered at 2:02 pm, Friday, December 12th.

My Dear Billy,

I can’t wait to see you Christmas Eve. You’ll be a gift to me as well, though it seems that you already are. Everything you’ve said to me is just a little more of the ribbon tied up around you. With every piece I reveal more of you to me; I hope you see the same about me in my letters.

Did you know that every song I hear is about you? Especially now that I’m hearing Christmas music, I can picture you in every lyric. Though I think they need to write more songs about Christmas Eve, for I believe that will be a much more fitting holiday for you and I than Christmas itself. That is, if I play my role correctly.

I know you’re able to handle things on your own; I’m sure Dom knows that. I’m still glad that he looks out for you. I think he likes to, actually, as much as it can make him worry. I give him a hard time about it at times, I think...but it doesn’t stop him. I hope he never stops caring about you, Billy. In fact, don’t ever let him stop.

I think I’ll have to bring the snow along with me when I come to see you Christmas Eve. That would work well, you think? More convenient anyway. Would I get a “thank you very much” if I were to do so? And will I have to show you how you’re welcome?

Dom actually mentioned something about your next step being to cross off dates on the calendar. He knows how excited you are. I think it’s gotten us both very nervous. A lot is depending on our performance over these next few weeks, you know. I have to admit, I’m scared. I don’t know if things will turn out the way I hope they do. I’m trying, Billy, but I just can’t know for sure. But I don’t want to be upset here in this letter. I’ll just wait until everything happens and decide then whether I’m in your arms or not.

Have I told you how beautiful you are? I really think you’re beautiful. If nothing else, remember this Christmas Eve: you are the most beautiful creature I’ve known and I will never stop caring about you. Never. Never ever.

I’m getting myself nervous again...and with good reason. There are only twelve more days between you and I. Can that really be true?

Waiting in the Wings,
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