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Bean & Orli visit Marton....

Sean: Just remember, try to behave a bit. I'm sure he wasn't expecting all of us to show up at his house. *smiles over at Orlando and knocks at the door*

Orlando: I'll try not to break anything. *I stick out my tongue and curl my fingers In Dog's collar so he doesn't pounce. I'm still sticking out my tongue when the door opens*

Marton: *I hear the knock from the kitchen, closing the oven and wandering out. I'm expecting Sean so I assume that's him at the door, grins* Hey Sean *surprise on my face then* and Orlando *grins* common in

Sean: Sorry about that... he wanted to go to the zoo. And then Dog made eyes at him so he decided we couldn't leave him behind. *steps in with a sheepish look on my face*

Marton: *laughs, shrugging it off* it's alright. I don't get much company *leans to scratch the dog behind the ears* did you just call him Dog?

Orlando: I just worry he'll make the animals in the cages jealous...Hi! *I smile and bounce in, letting go of Dog as Marton pets him*

Sean: Yes... he's not technically my dog so he never got a name. *really hopes you're not going to argue that logic with me*

Marton: *shrugs* whatever works for you mate. Can I get either of you something to drink? I can get Dog a bowl of water

Orlando: I have juice. *I swing my backpack off and pat it*

Sean: No, it's fine... *smiles at Marton* I don't want to stay up here for too long, to tell you the truth, the roads are really getting bad.

Marton: Is it really icy out there? I went out to check on my traps earlier and thought its colder than a witches tit *nods moving to clear off the centre of the table and lay out my building plans as I have them so far*

Orlando: *eyes widen and I go to peer out the window* Where are your traps?

Sean: It started snowing and the weatherman is predicting the coming apocalypse. *totally deadpan voice*

Marton: *points toward the back of the house and relatively East* I have four of them set up over a span of about two miles along the winter *eyes Sean, laughs* I can be barricaded in here for months and still be cozy, no end of the world for me

Orlando: *trots off with Dog to look out of a window at the back of the house*

Sean: *shakes my head with an indulgent smile* I'm really sorry about that... I was afraid to leave him alone at my house. He said something about cooking. *lowers my voice so Orlando won't hear me*

Marton: *chuckles* I really don't mind at all Sean. I've met Orlando before at the bookstore. He's suggested quite a few good books to me

Sean: He's good at suggesting books, yes. *smiles and gestures at the papers* So, those are your plans?

Orlando: *pressing my face to the window, I knock a wooden carving off the mantle, diving on to of it and hugging it to me to muffle the noise, I check it - thankfully not damaged- and rub it against my jumper before putting it back and edging away from the window*

Marton: *nods yes* let me just get a bowl of water for Dog, then we can go over these things eh? *moves to get the water*

Sean: Sure... *is really hoping Orlando isn't busy breaking something, or his own neck*

Orlando: *lets Dog run ahead of me back to Sean, I stop by the stairs and watch him quietly, tilting my head and smiling*

Sean: *bends down a little to pat Dog's head* Did you break something yet? *grins at Orlando*

Orlando: I didn't touch it! *I reply indignantly* I mean..no. This place is even more out in the wilds than yours, it's incredible...

Marton: *comes back with the bowl of water for Dog, sets it on the floor near the wall* Thats why I chose it. I love being on the mountain

Sean: *eyes Orlando but doesn't say a word*

Orlando: I might just take a wander out the back? *I question and point backwards, then pull my gloves out of my pocket* I want to see one of the traps.

Sean: *looks really alarmed* Orlando, you'll just end up stepping right into one...

Marton: *shakes head no* its snowing already which will cover them more. I can lead you to one later if you'd like?

Orlando: *I pout slightly, tugging on the string attatching my gloves to my coat pocket* I'm sure I'd see it, they're meant to trap animals, not people. *I shrug* Okay.

Marton: They're well covered. Typically you can see the warning marks I leave for Humans to see, but not in the snow

Sean: *is already studying the plans, fairly sure that at least Marton can stop Orli from killing himself*

Orlando: Okay *I repeat, smiling and looking around for somewhere to sit where I won't be in the way*

Marton: *grins* if you want to see what was in them this morning, I've got it all hanging in my butcher's shed *grins*

Orlando: *I chew my lip and look a little nervous* Um..pass.

Sean: He doesn't eat meat. *still looking at the plans* Marton, why in the world did you need me? They're almost as good as anything I could come up with.

Marton: *chuckles* it would be worse finding one in a trap mate *points to the living area* I know it looks spartan over there, but if you press on the middle of the wall there, just next to the center split, the wall coverings will open to show my entertainment system

Orlando: I eat some meat. A little. *I glance at Marton* If pepperoni counts. *then shake my head* And I don't want to bother you with noise, that's why I thought I could hang out outside.

Marton: *grins* its not a bother. I've got music and movies over there. If you want to go outside, just stay near the house. The snow's beginning to pile up

Sean: Yes, stay near the house... I don't want to have to fish you out of the snow. *distracted voice*

Orlando: Its just a little snow. *I poke my tongue out again, pulling my gloves on and grabbing Dog* Won't be long.

Marton: *smiles, shaking my head* its cold outside *moves to the side of the table* do my notes make any sense to you sean?

Sean: Oh yes, it's very good. I didn't realize you wanted a sauna that big, though. *smiles at Marton* It's going to be interesting.

Marton: *grins* I want to be able to lay down comfortably, and if I have guests, they can too

Orlando: *I give Marton a funny look from behind his back, then pull on Dog's leash* Won't be long! *the two of us trail out the back into the snow*

Sean: You'll be able to invite the whole swimming team. What kind of material were you planning to use for the walls? *curiously pokes at the plan*

Marton: Well isn't it customary to use groove-jointed cedar for these things?

Orlando: *writing my name with footprints in the snow, I'm surprised to find the first O covered up again by the time I've finished the last one*

Sean: *nods a bit* Yes, if you want to go with traditional material. It would fit with the rest of the cabin.

Marton: *nods* well I'd just like to use what's best to hold in the steam heat without ruining the material. Whatever will withstand the test of time and all that

Sean: They're going to charge you extra just to bring the material up here, I hope you realize that. But then, you probably already ran into that problem.

Marton: *shakes head no* I've already arranged a deal with Lumberman's up in Portland. The general manager is a hunting client of mine

Orlando: *I make a snowball, rolling it on the ground to make it bigger and bigger. Experimentally I decide to slowwly roll it down the hill, nudging it with my foot, and see how big I can get it(

Sean: *nods a little* Well, that's good for you, because I was going to tell you to consider cutting down on the size, then.

Marton: *shakes head no* I made it that big because its the full length to one end of my deck out there *waves in general direction of back door* it'll lend itself to further plans at a later date

Orlando: *I'm disspointed with the snowball result. These things clearly don't work like they do in movies, I've still got a lump of snow I could pick up

Sean: It all looks fine, really. I don't know why you needed my opinion. *smiles at you*

Orlando: easily in one hand. Sighing, I start back up the hill again*

Marton: *pokes the plans* well I dont have all the code stuff in here and I know that no building inspector is going to give me the proper paperwork to allow building to commence without them. Can you add what I need?

Orlando: *Its slippy though, and I can't get more than a few steps up before I slide back down. Growling, I back up and take the slope at a run*

Sean: Oh, of course, that's easy. *looks around for a pen and then starts scribbling on the plan, doing it purely from memory*

Marton: *grins* Hey I'm just going to go into the kitchen and check on the duck I have cooking, wont be two ticks

Sean: Take your time... *distracted voice, still writing*

Orlando: *taking the slope at a run means I get higher up before falling back down, this time into a large dift of snow. As I try to catch my breath, Dog wanders up and licks my face*

Marton: *checks on the duck, dousing it in more sauce, then turning the water on to boil*

Sean: *makes a face when the wind pretty much sounds like it's slamming on the side of the cabin*

Marton: *I move to start a fresh pot of coffee, listening to the wind rattle the glass in the kitchen windows, frowns and goes back out* I'm going out to close up the window storm shutters

Orlando: *I finally crawl out of the drift looking very much like a small abominable snowman, a small very cold abominable snowman, snow clinging to every inch of me*

Sean: I'm beginning to wonder if they weren't serious about that storm for once...

Marton: *nods* me too *moves to pull on my heavy-tread snow boots, parka and gloves* I'll try to be quick about it *moves to head out*

Orlando: *I eye the snow drift suspiciously, knowing it just wants me to try and climb that slope again. Instead I shove my hands into my pockets and try another tactic* Um...help? Help!

Sean: *quickly scribbles down the rest of the codes, thinking that we'll just have to excuse ourselves and get the hell out of here while we still can*

Marton: *goes out onto the front porch and closes the long shutters over the windows on one side, then hears something that sounds like Orlando*

Orlando: *I'm impressed by the echo that comes back to me, and try calling my name a few times to hear it returned* Orlando! Orlando!

Marton: *hears Orlando's name, grins* must be playing somewhere *moves to close another shutter*

Orlando: Stop talking to yourself! *I yell and giggle when it echoes*

Marton: *smirks when I get a light drift of that tidbit on the wind, continues around, sinking in snow near the house*

Sean: *gets up and peers through the window, wondering if Orlando got himself lost again*

Orlando: *I'm trying to think of more things to yell when I remember why I was yelling in the first place* I mean help! Hellllp!

Marton: *hears that float over on the wind, reaching to finish with this shutter, then turning to try to ascertain what direction he's in*

Orlando: Helloooo-oof! DOG! *I berate the animal as he bounds up and knocks me back into the snow drift.*

Marton: *hears the DOG bit loud and clear, starts heading down a hill toward the embankment*

Orlando: Do you want me to get tuck in the bloody snow? *I grumble, trying to free myself* Aaah! I lost my shoe!

Marton: *slides down a bit, but manages to remain upright, walking a little further and finally spying Orli, the snow falling much more quickly* Orlando!

Orlando: Sean? Don't come down here, you won't get back up! Get Marton! *I flail about in the snow, now trying to locate my shoe*

Sean: *twists my neck to look up at the sky, frowning now. This is really beginning to look bad*

Marton: *stomps down the incline in my heavy boots* Imagine that, it IS Marton *grins and I come down, finding you covered in snow*

Orlando: *I blink up at you* Where did you come from?

Marton: *laughs* the cabin. I was outdoors to close the window storm shutters *offers you a hand up*

Orlando: *I tug on your hand to get up, hopping on one foot* I'm really, really cold. *I nod, looking worried* To the point where parts of me arent cold anymore.

Marton: Thats not good at all *looks down* where's your other shoe?

Orlando: *I point down at the snowdrift* That stole it.

Marton: *eyes the drift* well we cant stay out here long enough to look for it. I hope you have other shoes at home

Orlando: None quite the same. *I sigh sadly*

Sean: *seriously starts wondering if Orlando managed to walk right into a trap because he's still not coming back*

Marton: *smiles* I'll find it for you later. Right now we need to get you inside and thawed out *looks around* I cant get enough leverage to carry you in my arms. Mind going piggy back?

Orlando: *I eye him carefully* Are you sure you can carry me? Because if you fall over backwards you'll fall on me and I'm sure I can't carry you.

Marton: *rolls eyes* you cant weigh much, even wet. You certainly cant weigh more than a dead deer

Orlando: *still suspicious* Do you carry many dead deer up snowy hills? ....actually you probably do. *I jump up behind you and pull myself onto your back, trying not to kick you too hard*

Marton: *is standing with legs slightly apart, grunts a bit when I do get a kick, waits til you're up and I've got hold of your legs* hold on then *starts the slow ascent*

Sean: *thinks that this is really the last time I let Orlando out of my sight. How in the world he managed to survive for so long is a mystery*

Orlando: *Watches Dog scurry easily up the slope and bound towards the house, thinking this is an interesting situation for a second meeting* ....So. Were the books good?

Marton: *chuckles, speaks a bit loudly over the wind, snow stinging my eyes* yes, they were

Orlando: Good. I mean it's always good to make a good fisrt impression. *I bury my face in the back of your coat so I don't freeze to death in the wind* I'll give you a discount, next time.

Marton: *laughs* alright then, its a deal *leans more into the wind, fighting against it up the hill. Your added weight a bonus as it holds us down in the snow better*

Sean: *hears something scratching at the back door and opens it, feels myself almost instantly freezing as Dog bounds inside* Alright, where the hell is Orlando? *I ask him*

Orlando: *I whimper as I look up only to have a blast of wind hit me full on, trying to think of something to say to distract myself* So..so, lovely house you've got.

Marton: *smiles to self* Thank you *gets past the incline onto a more even terrain, moves quickly against the heavier drifts of snow and the wind, aiming for the house*

Orlando: I hope I'm not keeping you from your paperwork. *I yell, burrowing more against Marton's wide back as he walks*

Marton: *chuckles* nope. I was closing the storm shutters when I heard you. We'll get you indoors and start you thawing before I go out to finish them *stomps my way up the steps to the deck, moving to the back door and opening it*

Sean: *feels my eyebrows about to hit my hairline when I catch sight of both of you* Dear god, what has he done this time?

Orlando: *I gasp as we make it into warmer air, feeling it prickle across my skin* Oooh. owowow.

Marton: *grins* it'll get better mate. *lets you down, closing the door and getting out of my gloves and parka* get yourself in the bathroom over here and strip. I'll get you towels, a warm robe and wool socks. Take a shower but be sure to set the taps at just luke warm water at first

Orlando: *I hop into the house a little way, looking at Sean apologetically, then holding my hands out too him* I want to take my gloves

Orlando: off, but I can't feel my fingers. I um, went down a hill and couldn't get back up. And I lost my shoe. My feet hurt.

Sean: *stares at Orlando and tugs the gloves off, then start rubbing his hands* Those things only happen to you, really...

Marton: *chuckles, moving off to get the things I'd promised, coming back* you need to get out of those cold, wet clothes as quickly as possible. Off you go

Orlando: It's not my fault that movie snowballs are deceptive. Oooh. *I smile as he rubs my hands* Could you do that all over? *I blush and look back at Marton* Alright. Now we'll have to stop off back at mine for dry clothes before the zoo.

Sean: I'm beginning to think they're going to close the zoo, lo-- *bites my lips and pushes you towards the bathroom* He's right, get out of those clothes.

Marton: *drops the stuff in the bathroom and comes out* welcome to help him Sean *grinning, your whole dynamic not lost on me* Wont bug me a bit

Orlando: *Looks back at Sean for a moment, but lets it go, pulling off my hat and shaking the water out of my hair like a dog before dashing into the bathroom*

Sean: *eyes Marton, a bit startled, then shrugs* I'm sorry about all the bother... he's really accident prone. *takes off after Orlando, just in case he kills himself in the shower*

Marton: *chuckles, shaking head as I wander back to the kitchen, tossing pasta in to cook, moving to get the duck out and make a sauce with the drippings for the pasta*

Orlando: *I hop in circles, trying to get my coat off over my head as i can't do the buttons, but just getting stuck in it*

Sean: Alright, just stop moving... *closes the door behind us then starts peeling off your clothes one by one, worried when I feel how cold your skin is*

Orlando: *blinks at you, shivering when you start getting down to bare wet skin* Um...but Marton...um...I can probably, you don't have to...um..

Marton: *continues banging around the kitchen, making a salad, finishing the sauce and beginning to carve up the duck*

Sean: I think he already figured it out. *wraps a towel around you, then gets up to start a warm shower, trying not to wet myself* Come on, hop in.

Orlando: Oh. Well I did think he sort of seemed like a bear. *Nods and climbs into the shower, squealing and bouncing right out* Too hot! Too hot!

Sean: *has no idea what a bear has to do with any of this* Sorry... *turns the knob towards cold, belatedly remembering I shouldn't have done that* Try it again?

Orlando: *I give you suspicious yet wide eyes, trying to poke my elbow under the spray before I get in. Thats how you test water, right? But it gets my whole arm instead and I approve, climbing in* Thank you.

Sean: *smiles at you and leans against the wall, enjoying the view* You're welcome.

Orlando: Oooh. *shivers and wriggles as life comes back into my extemeties, blushing as I look at you* I'm sorry I distracted you. I'll sit quietly until we go now.

Marton: *puts salad in the fridge and pushes cut duck back in the oven to keep warm, setting the pasta and sauce aside, goes to pull on parka and go out to finish windows*

Sean: That's alright... *can afford to be indulgent now that I'm sure you're still in one piece* The wind is really picking up, we'll have to leave soon anyway.

Marton: *just about gets knocked off my feet as I step out the door, really leaning hard against the wind to go out and get the rest of the shutters* bloody hell

Orlando: *Finds some soap and closes my eyes as I rub it in my hair and start downwards* Do you really think the zoo will be closed? Is there something inside we could do? I made sandwiches...

Sean: I wouldn't keep animals outside in the kind of weather... they have greenhouses with exotic plants, but it would probably bore you to death. *thinks you look far too edible like this*

Orlando: I like plants. *I pull a face as soap trickles into the corner of my mouth, and waits till I'm soaping the rest of my body to add* I like butterflies.

Sean: *chuckles* There are some places where they keep butterflies... they come to land all over you. You would love it.

Orlando: *I beam and poke my head out of the spray to look at you* Near here? Do you think we could go? I might even like that better than a zoo.

Sean: It's the wrong season for that love, sorry. They release them when it's time for their migration.

Marton: *fights my way through the terrible wind and snow round to the last of the shutters on the last side of the house*

Orlando: *I pout and retreat back under the spray, finishing washing and then groping for a towel. Or just flailing my hands around and hoping you give me one*

Sean: *grins and hands you a nice fluffy towel* We're really abusing Marton's hospitality.

Marton: *wind knocks me on my ass when I get the last closed, snow in wild, swirling flurries* bloody hell!

Orlando: I know. *stretches up to kiss you, snuggling into the towel* I'll just wait til my clothes are dry and we can go. I was thinking of sending him a gift basket.

Sean: *rubs you with the towel to make sure you're really warm* A gift basket would be good.

Marton: *gets up and uses sides of the house to get myself back to the door without falling again, visibility almost nil*

Orlando: With books. *I nod, trying to rub myself back against your hands and not giggle* And candy. And...tinned goods. *I've never really sent a gift basket before.*

Sean: I never heard of putting books in a gift basket. *smiles at you as I keep you rubbing you in sensitive places*

Marton: *gets self back in the house, jeans wet. Should have pulled on my snow pants, stares out the door windows*

Orlando: *Just whimpers, spreading my legs a little and wrapping my arms round your neck* Sean...

Sean: *firmly kisses your lips, then wraps the towel around you again* Get dressed before we get carried away. That'd be really rude.

Orlando: Marton said I should wear this. *keeping the towel wrapped around me, I pull onthe large robe and belt it, looking like a 12 year old wearing his dads clothes with the way it swamps me and

Orlando: trails on the floor, then I open the bathroom door*

Marton: *shakes out gloves and parka, hanging the coat, laying out the gloves to dry, trying to get my boots off*

Sean: You're adorable. *follows you, grinning widely*

Marton: *turns when I hear you both come out, smiles a bit, rubbing hands together* blizzard out there

Sean: *groans* You're not serious... please don't tell me I'll have to dig out the truck.

Orlando: Oh! You went out in it again? *I run over, looking you up and down to check for snow damage, then looking back at sean* Dig it out?

Marton: *points to the window* there's at least a foot or more since I brought Orlando in

Sean: Shovel. Snow. It happens in the middle of winter. *goes to look through the window, then winces* I don't suppose they clear the road up here...

Marton: *shakes head no* My cabin is the last coming up here. no one needs to get past here for any reason

Sean: Damn... *still staring outside, looking worried*

Marton: I've got an offroad vehicle and a 4 wheel drive vehicle but I wouldnt drive either with no visability*

Orlando: I'm not sure I'm very good at digging. *I shift foot to foot, wondering what we're going to do*

Marton: *turns and looks at you two* you didnt put the wool socks on mate

Sean: I have a pretty good truck too, but still... Maybe it will calm down. *doesn't sound like I believe it for a second*

Orlando: I must have missed the socks... *frowns and goes back into the bathroom*

Marton: *grins* I have to go up and get into some dry pants. Back in two ticks *jogs up the stairs*

Orlando: Are you sure you don't...Oh. *I come out of the bathroom, one sock on, one in my hand* Are you sure marton doesnt need his socks? *I ask sean*

Sean: *turns around and smiles at Orlando* I'm fairly sure he has more than one pair.

Marton: *I change my jeans into dry ones and bring the others back downstairs* I have a lot more where those came from mate

Orlando: *I look upwards, then smile as Marton comes back into view* So when are we leaving? I don't mind if my clothes are a little damp, I think we're only going back to Sean's now, anyway.

Marton: I will throw your things in the dryer.

Sean: I don't know... maybe it will calm down in half an hour. I can't really drive in this.

Orlando: Okay. *I curl my hand round Seans* Do you want sandwiches? I made us lunch.

Marton: *looks at you both* I have cooked duck, pasta and salad in the kitchen

Sean: *squeezes Orlando's hand, then looks at Marton* Are you sure? We've bothered you enough already...

Marton: *smiles* positive. I made extra pasta and salad when it seemed you'd be here later than expected. I don't get company ofter *other than Dave but thats not something I can talk about*

Orlando: *My tummy growls loud enough for me to hear it* I could eat. It sounds like it might be warm, too...

Marton: mmm yes, its warm *smiles* I'll just go gather it up then. Make yourselves comfortable *waves at the table*

Sean: Thank you.. *is really begining to feel guilty. The poor guy already had to drag Orlando out of the snow and now we're eating his food.*

Orlando: *I let go of Sean's hand and trail over to my backpack, getting my sandwiches out anyway and sitting down at the table with them, opening them up to take out the pickles* Here Dog, want some cheese sandwiches?

Sean: Don't listen to him, Dog. *shakes my head a little and sits down at the table*

Orlando: Dog always listens to me. *I sniff* Anyway, he's hungry too... *I offer him a sandwich and smile smugly as it's snarfed out of my hand* I thought he'd like it. He likes pizza.

Marton: *comes back in carrying a large platter, setting it on the edge of the table. I pick up the plate and bowls of food, putting them in the middle* the sauce is for the pasta

Sean: *mumbles something about you two being about the same mental age*

Orlando: Well as dog years are like seven human years, you might be right. Dog is probably really old and wise, right? ....wow. *My eyes become as big as the plates as I look at all the food* You do this all for yourself?

Marton: *nods yes* no need to act like a caveman just because I live alone *gives you both plates and silverware* what would you like to drink? I was planning on opening some wine

Sean: Wine would be good, but you don't have to go to all the trouble, really...

Marton: planned to do it already mate. If it were trouble, I wouldn't offer

Orlando: He wants to, Sean. *I say softly, frowning at his discomfort* Sean will have you for dinner sometime to make up for it.

Sean: Alright, alright... *smiles suddenly* I'll poison him to make up for it.

Marton: *rolls eyes* cant be that bad mate. I live off camp food half the year *moves to get some wine, a cork screw, and wine glasses*

Orlando: -camp- food? *I smirk, then realise what he means* Oh. Well this looks lovely. *almost sitting on my hands to stop myself digging in before anyone else can*

Marton: *comes back with the bottle, opens it and pours out three glasses*

Sean: *chuckles softly, amused by Orlando's antics*

Orlando: *It strikes me that most people probably say grace here, it seems a religious town* Um. So do we have to thank anyone?

Marton: *grins* How about Athena, Goddess of the hunt

Sean: You're not a virgin girl, I'm not sure she'd protect you.

Orlando: *I smile a bit* Wasn't she goddess of wisdom? The hunt is...artemis...or *I frown, thinking* Diana? Anyway, to all of them, just in case.

Marton: *grins and shrugs* I really have no clue. I can't remember those things. Just thought it was funny

Orlando: Did you hunt the duck? *I giggle* With one of those whistle things?

Marton: *laughs* yes, indeed I did *nods*

Orlando: *I beam with pleasure, not able to help myself anymore and leaning forward to help myself to pasta and salad and sauce* I thought that was just in the cartoons.

Sean: *thinks that Orlando is the most adorable thing ever, smiles happily*

Marton: *shakes head no* those're based on some reality *looks at Sean* help yourself Sean

Sean: *shakes myself and reaches out for the food* You think the storm will calm down?

Marton: *shrugs* who knows? *and at that moment, the lights flicker, then just go out altogether*

Orlando: *I gasp and look upwards, hurriedly climbing up onto my chair* Oh god. Don't go out to get the fuse! They'll pick us off one by one!

Marton: *snickers* its just the power Orlando. I'll light some candles for you, then go out to start the genny

Sean: Love, you watched too many horror movies. *reaches out in the dark, trying to find you*

Orlando: Nononono. That's what they want! *I yelp as Sean's hand grabs me, almost falling backwards off the chair* Yes, and its always a lonely cabin in the woods in horror movies! These things are based on some reality!

Marton: You're perfectly fine Orlando. We don't have any pretty, voluptuous, virgin girls for them to have

Sean: *starts laughing* Will Orlando do? He's really pretty. *gets up to try to convince Orlando to get down again*

Orlando: Don't laugh! *I lower my voice, hugging Sean in a death grip as he finds me* I um, don't really like the dark.

Marton: Well I'd say yes if he had some breasts, but as he doesnt *shrugs a bit, putting flame to a large candle, them moving about lighting others around the place*

Sean: *picks up Orlando and puts him down on the floor again* It's alright. See, we have candles. I bet he loses the power all the time up here.

Marton: Any high wind or snow it usually goes *moving to get my snow pants, boots and parka on*

Orlando: I'm still not sure you should go out....*I feel a bit calmer now I have someone to grip onto, and a little light...this could almost be romantic*

Marton: *smiles* I'll be fine Orlando. Will you two please move about in here and turn all the switches off while I go out and start and generator?

Sean: Sure, we can do that. *tries to peel Orlando's fingers off me*

Orlando: Dinner's going to get cold. *I say sadly, releasing my grip a little but tugging sean with me over toward the lightswitch*

Sean: *resigns myself to turning off all the switches with Orlando dogging each of my step, though I almost scream when Dog bumps his head against my knee* Gah, don't do that!

Marton: I can reheat things, no worries *gets a flashlight to help see outside. I move to head outdoors, pulling my hood up* back in a few

Orlando: *I giggle a little when Sean jumps out of his skin, but I'm still nervous myself* If Marton dies out there, I'm blaming you.

Sean: If he dies out there, we're not going after him. *firm voice, then grins*

Orlando: Damn right. *I smile and nuzzle against him* I was thinking this could almost be romantic. The candles...

Marton: *moves toward the place my house generator is stored, finding it half buried in snow. I go to the shed to get a shovel and move back. It takes forever to get through the drifts*

Sean: *smiles and hugs you, nuzzling your neck a little* It's pretty nice, yes. You get over being shy pretty quickly.

Orlando: Shy with who? Oh, Marton? Well I have met him before. Its funny how big men aren't always the intimidating ones. *I dot kisses into your hair then nudge your chin up to kiss you properly*

Sean: You were blushing earlier... *figures that we're safe for a little bit and kisses you back, nudging your lips open with my tongue*

Marton: *it takes at least a half hour just to get to the genny shed and longer to dig enough snow out of the way to get it open*

Orlando: I was naked earlier...*I kiss back, but theres only so long I can relax before I start pacing* He's dead. I told you he would be. We should lock the doors.

Sean: *grabs you again and gets you to sit in my lap because the pacing is making me dizzy* He probably has to shovel some snow. Relax.

Marton: *works harder still, then finally gets the doors open, moving to top off the gas tank in the genny with the can there, priming the pump, then pulling the cord a few times to get her going*

Orlando: How long can it take to shovel snow! *I snag a bit of pasta from Sean's plate and sigh unhappily, fiddling with the collar of his shirt* What if the candles burn out?

Sean: I'm sure he has more candles. The guy lives on the bloody mountain. *bounces you a little in my lap*

Marton: *finally gets it running, then closes the shed, moving to get to the butcher shed, wanting to get the genny going in there as well*

Orlando: *I nod and try to relax, wriggling closer and snuggling up to you* Do you know how to use a gun? I don't suppose Dog is trained to kill? Would you protect me, if killers came in?

Sean: I'd protect you with my life, and yes, I do know how to use a gun. *solemn voice, trying very hard not to burst laughing*

Orlando: *I sigh again, not quite so sadly, because that really is romantic and* Thats pretty sexy...I mean...um...hot.

Sean: What is hot, the candles or me protecting you with my life? *tickles your sides a little*

Marton: *I know with the amount of snow coming down its going to be a long haul. I move then and get a bunch of meat from the coolers, (more)

Marton: a lot of jerky, and so forth, filling a bag, then moving to fight my way back through the snow to the house*

Orlando: *I giggle and squirm* You protecting me. You with a gun. I mean um, the candles are probably hot too, but not quite in the same way, to me.

Sean: You have interesting fantasies. *kisses you again, though I'm beginning to wonder what's taking Marton so long too*

Marton: *finally gets through all the building drifts to the door, sets down the big bag and has to dig snow away from the front of the door with my mittened hands to get it open*

Orlando: *And I'm finally distracted from those thoughts. I dig my hands into your hair, kissing back, licking along the seam of your lips, seeking entrance*

Sean: *moans softly and opens my mouth for you, telling myself not to get carried away, though one of my hand is already trying to find some warm skin*

Orlando: *Is thinking you could have fucked me over the table twice by now, and Marton is probably dead anyway, so I straddle your hips, rocking against you as I deepen the kiss eagerly* *Pulls back from the kiss to nibble down your jawline, using all my restraint to keep from moving your hands where I want them* Don't you think it's sexy? Candles, snow, possibility of our untimely demise...

Marton: *pushes at the drifts of snow in front of the door, digging with my gloves, pushing more*

Sean: *chuckles and sucks on your neck, leaving a faint red mark* We're not going to die.

Orlando: *Moans, giving in and pushing your hands downwards* Can't we fuck like we are?

Marton: *digs more, beginning to think I should go back for the shovel*

Sean: We shouldn't be fucking, period... *starts slowly jerking you off since I'm not a saint*

Orlando: *I slide my hands under your sweater, scratching my nails lightly up your chest* It's not like we're using his bed or anything. Oooh. We could use his bed...

Marton: *pushes more out of the way, tugs on the door a bit*

Sean: We could lock the door and leave him to die of cold out there, too, while we're at it... *chuckles and arches against your hands*

Marton: *pulls a bit more out of the way, stands and turns the knob, yanking on the door hard to pull it open*

Orlando: Well now you're just being callous. *I start and look up as the wind rattles the door, but relax back after a moment, letting my eyes flutter closed under your attentions, until I'm hit by an icy cold draft*

Marton: *I get a load of what you two are up to, turning away to grab the bag and step inside, closing the door, eyes averted*

Sean: Hm, Orlando... *hurriedly takes my hands away and tries very hard to pretend I wasn't doing what I was*

Orlando: *Wrapping my gown back round me hurriedly, I fall sideways off the chair* You came back!

Marton: *i step a bit further in* uhh, I think you're going to be stuck here at least over-night. *nods and points* I've a guest room right through that door by the bathroom

Sean: Told you the monster didn't get him. *crosses my legs and hopes I don't look too flustered*

Orlando: Unless the monster got him and ate him and is now taking his form to deceive us. *I note, watching Marton warily* Shall I put some tea on?

Marton: *I peel off my gloves, hands still numb, looks up at you* hmm? Oh no, no need. You two probably want to be left alone

Sean: No, no, it's fine. *clears my throat*

Orlando: Fine. *I echo, slowly flushing right up to the tips of my ears* Happens all the time. I mean...

Sean: You should eat too. That's what he means. *discreetly kicks Orlando under the table*

Marton: *smirks a bit* mmhmm *finally gets them off, gets out of the parka, boots and pants* no I meant go have sex or something *points at the room*

Orlando: *Frankly, that would be really odd. But I don't say that, I'm too busy staring open mouthed at the very suggestion*

Sean: *I'm probably turning so red by now that I must be glowing in the dark* That's... thank you, but that's alright. Really. *the urge has passed*

Marton: *smiles, shakes head, knowing I just saw you two were more than half way to nirvana when I walked in* I'd offer to go back outside but I dont think I want to lose any of my limbs to hypothermia

Sean: Oh my god, my mother would kill me. *I announce quite randomly*

Orlando: Marton, honestly. It's um, sort of strange when someone knows about it. *I ach an eyebrow at Sean* What?

Sean: She really raised me better than that. Come eat, please...

Marton: *nods* certainly. Well, as I said, you're not going anywhere. Its awful out there

Orlando: So you're stuck with us. *I smile sympathetically* Well, it will be like a school trip, or sleepover or something. Nostalgic. ....I hope the lights don't go out again.

Marton: *shakes head no* they wont. We're running off the genny now. I got more food from the coolers out in the shed to see we're well provisioned if we need it

Sean: *wonders why the hell Marton is so damn accepting, but I'm not exactly going to complain now* Next time, I will believe the weather channel... *sighs* Sorry.

Marton: *shrugs* no worries *shivering a bit, shaking hands out* my turn for a warm shower, my nose is still numb. Please, make yourselves at home *grins*

Orlando: We'll just eat. *I stammer, making a face at Sean* We do that at home, quite a lot.

Marton: *smiles* eat?

Sean: Eat. *very firm voice* You're having entirely too much fun, you know that?

Marton: *smiles* I dont get out much

Sean: People who don't get out much would have shot us by now. *shrugs a bit*

Orlando: *I eye Sean* Not necessarily. Lacking in entertainment...you know. *I swallow and decide to be blunt* Are you a voyeur?

Marton: *cocks head, in the midst of getting out of one boot* never actually just watched anyone no. Nothing beyond watching porn anyway

Sean: *practically chokes on thin air*

Orlando: Oh. Well I watch porn. *I nod* Its just...you seem really eager for us to...and I thought maybe...*I swallow hard* well you know.

Sean: *frantically reaches for my glass of wine* Orlando...

Marton: I just hate the idea of having interrupted you. I know I wouldnt want to be interrupted

Orlando: I suppose so. *I sit back in my chair, watching him warily* So you don't want to watch?

Sean: Orlando!

Marton: *stands up completely and looks at you both*

Orlando: I'm only asking! *I protest* It's funny behavior, that's all. In Britain you would just pretend it never happened...

Sean: He's not from Britain. *calmly waits to be thrown out*

Marton: *chuckles, watching you both* I'm still quite cold actually and need a shower

Orlando: ....you never answered my question.

Marton: Sean seems uncomfortable with the subject matter

Sean: Sean is considering phoning Orlando's mother to discuss the way he has been raised.

Orlando: *I giggle suddenly* I'd like to hear that conversation. I just want to check there aren't cameras or something set up somewhere. You read about things like that.

Marton: Why would I have cameras? No one comes up here *except Dave, whom I wouldnt mind filming actually*

Sean: And he made it snow just so we would get trapped here. *groans* I'm so sorry. I don't take him out much. *looks at Marton*

Marton: *shrugs* Its quite alright really.

Orlando: Well of course he didn't make it snow. *I roll my eyes, sharing a conspiratorial expression with Marton, then lower my voice* I told you he was probably a bear, so he understands these things.

Marton: *smiles, pulling off the other boot, hands tingling now, face stinging*

Sean: *stares at Orlando* Love, you live in a strange and wonderful world.

Orlando: I don't know what you mean. *I smile sweetly and sit back down, eating cold pasta with my fingers*

Sean: *groans* Let Marton have his shower, for the love of god.

Marton: *hangs my wet parka on a hook by the door, moves toward the bathroom* dont let me keep you from anything *stops looks at you both, pulling off my shirt* I'll take my time

Orlando: See! *I point after Marton once he goes into the bathroom* You can't deny he sounds suspicious. I'm checking for bugs. *I bounce up and look behind the wall hangings*

Sean: *is very secure in the fact that nobody particularly wants to see me naked, simply rolls my eyes and picks at the cold pasta*

Marton: *moves in the bathroom to shower, turning on the water luke-warm, wishing to thaw out*

Orlando: Well I mean, he's so...encouraging. *I drift back towards the table and shift foot to foot, looking at Sean* Although...you know, we could lock the door in the guest room...

Sean: Maybe he's just being polite. *tone clearly suggesting you should look up that concept in the dictionary*

Marton: *stays in shower some time, hands and face thawing, body warming further, turning the hot tap up and beginning to jerk off*

Orlando: I was only saying what everyone was thinking. *I go round to lean against the table opposite Sean* You're not angry with me are you?

Sean: I'm not angry... I just don't think you should go around accusing people to want to watch us fucking. *can't help but smile at you*

Marton: *is imagining watching you fucking, jerks off in the shower*

Orlando: Asking, not accusing. *I remind him, tapping his nose lightly and smiling* It might be nice staying here for a night. Sort of like a free hotel.

Sean: But you're a screamer, Orlando. *looks amused*

Marton: *moans a bit, jerks faster, one hand pressing against the wall*

Orlando: *I giggle* Then lets hope he's a heavy sleeper. *I run my foot up your calf* Think we could take the candles into the bedroom?

Sean: I didn't know about the effect that candles have on you. *grins* I'll have to buy a few boxes now.

Marton: *finally cums with a minor moan, groaning then, shaking from it*

Orlando: You have quite an effect on me all by yourself, don't worry. *I push myself up onto the table, only just avoiding sitting in a plate of pasta, and stretching my legs out into your lap*

Sean: Why, thank you, I knew there was a reason I had managed to seduce you. *watches you* What are you doing now?

Marton: *presses both hands against the wall, letting the water sluice over me as I rinse away the sweat of my exersion*

Orlando: I'm putting my feet in your lap. They're cold. *and they're inching gradually up your inner thighs*

Sean: *takes a deep breath, telling myself I'm not feeling this at all* You're sitting on somebody else's table.

Marton: *finally reaches for soap and washes self, moving slowly*

Orlando: I'm not sitting on it bare arsed, I'm sure it's hygenic. *I wriggle my toes a little*

Sean: Keep doing this and I'm dragging you into that guest bedroom that Marton so thoughtfully pointed out to us. *grabs your legs, trying to still them*

Orlando: Is that supposed to make me stop? *I grin, wriggling a little but unable to free my legs without kicking you*

Marton: *washes hair then, rinsing it slowly*

Sean: He'll know exactly what we're doing. It was bothering you. *runs my hand against the inside of your thighs*

Orlando: Mm, I know. *I nod, adopting a tortured expression as I rub against the seam of your jeans with one bare foot* But other things are bothering me, too.

Marton: *finishes, eventually turning off the taps, drying myself*

Sean: *bites my lips, thinking more and more that I'm really not caring anymore about being rude* Oh, what kind of things?

Orlando: *Rubbing a little more firmly, eyes trailing between your crotch and your face* Well, the fact that it's currently very hard to sit with my legs together, for one.

Sean: *stares at you, then suddenly gets up, grabs your hand and starts dragging you towards that bedroom, snatching a candle too* That's it, I had enough.

Marton: *dries the rest of the way, thinks you two must have moved to a bedroom by now, wrapping towel around my hips, dropping my clothes in the hamper, then stepping out of the bathroom*

Orlando: *I trip over a sleeping dog as Sean pulls me along, then get up to pounce him agains just in time to find that I'm launching myself at Marton*

Marton: *eyes widen, stumbling just a bit as I catch orli, towel dropping to the floor* uhhh

Sean: *takes one look at the scene, decides that I had enough, mutters something about going to bed and disappears in the room*

Marton: *stands Orli up, ducking down to get my towel*

Orlando: *I yelp, dancing back from Marton and almost tripping over Dog again* Oh bloody hell. Sean! *I blink* Marton, I'm...um...sorry.

Sean: *grabs the pillow, holds it against my face and starts laughing myself sick*

Marton: *shrugs, wrapping towel around myself* no worries mate *smirks a bit* go enjoy my guest room

Orlando: *reaches out to pat your stomach absently, nodding* And you enjoy...um...whatever you do. Sean? *dashes into the bedroom*

Sean: *my stomach is hurting, I have tears in my eyes and I'm hiccuping, but I'm still laughing my ass off anyway*

Marton: *blinks after you, shaking my head, then moving upstairs to slip on some dry clothes, then padding downstairs to warm up some food*

Orlando: Are you crying? *I pad over to the bed and sit down on the edge of it, looking concerned* It didn't mean anything. I didn't even know he was going to be there.

Sean: *looks at you and start howling with laughter again*

Marton: *hears howling coming from the room and shakes head, taking my now warmed plate of food back to the table, sitting to eat*

Orlando: Sean? *Looking very confused, I'm starting to wonder if I broke you*

Sean: He lost... his towel... *manages to gasp this out, then starts laughing again even if it's beginning to fucking hurt*

Marton: *eats a bit more, is thinking someone's lost their mind in there*

Orlando: I know. *I agree, wide eyed* ...He's not as hairy like I thought he would be.

Sean: Fuck, you looked? *holds my stomach, gasping, trying to stop myself*

Marton: *finishes up plate of food rather quickly, goes about cleaning up the mess*

Orlando: It was hard not to! *I protest* He's quite large and takes up a lot of a person's field of vision. I wasn't -trying- to look!

Sean: Oh, he's large too? *almost falls off the bed this time*

Marton: *puts together some fatty scraps of meat from the duck for Dog and puts them in a bowl for him*

Orlando: Not that kind of large! *I yell out, starting to giggle myself now too* Actually I didn't really check that out, maybe I should pull his towel off again?

Sean: Go right ahead, love... make my day... *practically giggles*

Marton: *I hear Orlando yell "not that kind of large" and smirk to self, speaking quietly to Dog* I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight

Orlando: You think I won't, don't you? *I try to look indignant but am only capable of a smirk* Or I could just ask him, save the bother...

Sean: Ask him if you want... *smirks right back* I think we can hardly do anything worse at this point.

Orlando: *I grin smugly, looking challenging for a moment before tipping my head back and bellowing* Maaaaaaaarton?

Sean: *starts laughing again, can't fucking help it*

Marton: *I jump when I hear that, stand up and stare at the bedroom door, then look down at Dog* they're both mental

Orlando: Maaaaarton? *I yell again, crawling over to collapse giggling on top of Sean* I was saying you're a very large man, and Sean wants to ask you a question!

Sean: *tries to smother Orlando with my pillow* Oh, don't drag me into this!

Marton: *blinks, still looking at the door, finally steps over, staying outside the room* you bellowed? *I ask through the door*

Orlando: *I squeak, tickling Sean, howling with giggles and gasping my words out between them* Sean...sean...wants to know if you're all in proportion!

Marton: As opposed to what? *I ask through the door*

Sean: *is convinced that I have a vital organ that just ruptured, tries to shush Orlando*

Orlando: *I squeal, trying to wriggle out from under the pillow* He's trying to kill me! Help!

Marton: *hand reaching for the door, thinks better of it* think I'll just remain out here thanks just the same

Sean: Very good idea!! *gets busy getting that damn robe off Orlando*

Orlando: *laughing so hard I'm shaking, determined to shock Sean now even as I help him get me out of robe and towel double quick* What I mean to say, Marton, is do you have a very large cock?

Sean: *eyes go very, very wide, decides I'm never showing my face in town again, shoves the towel in Orlando's mouth*

Marton: *eyes widen, stares at the door, opens mouth then closes it again* You've a boyfriend, you've no need to know particulars about my endowment

Orlando: mrrf, mmrrpph. mrrp! *I exclaim through the towel, still giggling and working out what the fastes way to get Sean out of his clothes is*

Marton: *snorts in general direction of the door turns and announces to Dog* they're both mental

Sean: *collapses into helpless laughter, thinks my professional reputation is fucked, gives up on that damn towel*

Orlando: *takes a deep breath upon towel removal, then pounces Sean with eager kisses*

Marton: *wanders over and begins to build a large fire to heat the place more*

Sean: You're insane. *still practically giggling, groping you everywhere*

Orlando: I just have a healthy natural curiosity. *sends buttons popping everywhere as I get your shirt off*

Sean: You're also insane. *stares for a second* I needed that shirt, Orlando.

Marton: *lays down on the couch, starting a movie in the player, with the fire blazing in the grate*

Orlando: You have plenty of shirts! *sheepishly scoops up the buttons* And most of them all look the same..

Sean: They're normal colours that don't hurt my eyes, you mean... *pounces you, gags you with my shirt and starts having my way with you*
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