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Dave & Marton Stuck in the Store

Sheriff Dave: *It's been snowing pretty much all day, and after finishing up my shift at the station, I decide to swing by Mark's store to pick up a few necessities before heading home for the night. The snow is falling heavier by the minute when I pull up to the store, covering my eyes as I make my way to the door, the wind really picking up and blowing my hair in every direction. I hurry inside and close the door behind me* Bloody hell! I thought I was going to get blown away out there! *I take off my hat and shake the snow off it, brushing down my coat sleeves which are also covered in white powder*

Mark: *I smile when I see you come in, the laugh a bit at your announcement* getting pretty rough to be sure. How're you doing Sheriff Dave?

Sheriff Dave: *I head over to you with a smile* Doing alright... you? The family doing okay?

Mark: *smiles and nods* Just talked to Jill on the phone. She said she had to get Theo to quit playing outside when the wind tried to carry him off

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* I can imagine! Children thrive on this type of weather. *glances out the window* Looks like we're in for a good one...

Mark: *nods, looking out the rattling bay window* you got that one right. I was just considering closing up and trying to head out for home

Sheriff Dave: *nods* You may want to go now, I'll just grab what I need right quick and be out of your hair... I can't imagine the roads will passable for much longer.

Mark: *nods yes as I move to go turn the coffee pot off* want a hot cuppa before you head back out? I'm just turning it off now

Sheriff Dave: Can't say no to that in this weather... thanks, mate! *quickly makes my way around, grabbing what I need and heading back to the counter to pay, digging out my wallet from the back of my pants which are more than a little wet from all the blowing snow*

Mark: *grins and waves at the pot by the register* help yourself. There's cream in the little fridge just there *points* but you knew that *grins and goes about ringing up your purchases*

Sheriff Dave: *fixes myself a nice steaming cup, forgoing the cream in favor of the extra warmth, drinking it eagerly* Ahhh... that's just the thing!

Mark: *smiles* that'll be $22.56 mate *begins putting your goods; a flashlight, batteries, two large rolls of storm plastic, into a bag. Picks up a tube of lube, waggles brows* I don't think this'll help with your weather proofing mate

Sheriff Dave: *laughs and hands you $25 in cash* No, but it will make getting through the storm so much more bearable. *winks at you as you take the money*

Mark: *laughs, making change, handing it to you, then holding up my hands* long as you wash your hands after mate, not my business *snickers*

Sheriff Dave: *chuckles and goes to head out the door, the storm positively raging out there now, so badly I'm having a hard time getting the door open* Well, fuck....

Mark: *I step over to you and tug on it to, getting a huge gust of wind and snow in the door as we get it open* bloody hell

Sheriff Dave: *the door slams shuts, pushing us both back* I don't think you and I are going anywhere, mate...

Mark: *stares at the door, its then that the power chooses to go out, groans* damn

Sheriff Dave: *groans with you when the lights go off* Bloody fucking hell! *kicks myself severely... if I had left when I had wanted to, and didn't need to stop at the store, I could have been to Marton's right now and wouldn't give a flying fuck WHAT the weather was doing out there. Just my luck. Sighs*

Mark: *sighs* well I'll go in the back and kick on the generator. Why don't you try calling out, see if we can get someone out with a Cat down here

Sheriff Dave: *nods and heads over to your phone, thinking I'll give Marton a ring as well, let him know where I'm at* Will do... *picks up the receiver as you head out and sighs when I get no dial tone* Unbelievable... *sighs again and hangs it up*

Mark: *goes out back and starts up the generator, patting it thankfully, glad I've been here long enough to know better than be without. Wanders back out to you* well here's hoping Jill remembered to fill the gas can for our generator at home. I'll have to give her a ring

Sheriff Dave: Not likely, mate... the phones are out as well. I've got my radio out in my car, I can try to get out there again when the storm starts to let up a bit.

Mark: *shrugs a bit* I've got a CB upstairs in my offices. Did you need to go up and call anyone?

Sheriff Dave: *nods* I'll just check in with the station right quick, make certain everything is alright.

Mark: *nods and points* door's unlocked, just up the back stairs there

Sheriff Dave: Thanks, mate! *hurries upstairs and gets in touch with Margie who assures me that everything is being taken care of and I've no need to worry. I try to raise Marton on the off chance he is in his truck but am disappointed, though not surprised when he does not respond. I head back downstairs* Everything is fine at the station.

Mark: *smiles and nods, moving around, removing things from the front windows so I can board them up in case the snow drifts get too high* Mind continuing with this while I run up to give Jill a call?

Sheriff Dave: Not a problem. *takes over for you, peering out through the windows, amazed at how quickly the storm has gotten this badly*

Mark: *I run up and call through to Jill, making sure she remembers to fill the generator with gas and prime it before trying to start the thing, passing on all instructions and checking on the kids*

Sheriff Dave: *has moved on to the next window when you return* Everything alright? Are they doing okay?

Mark: *smiles and nods* I've typically been home to start the generator there. I gave Jill a few tips and she went and got it going. They've got power and we're stocked at home for food, no worries

Sheriff Dave: Well that's good then... looks like there's nothing for it but to wait here for it to pass. *starts to get the next board in place, the sound of the howling wind being a bit muffled now*

Mark: *moves to help you out, getting my storm covers up* well its a lot darker in here, but its better than letting the snow break in the windows and freezing to death

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* I'll take a bit of darkness over freezing to death any day... and we've got the generator so it won't be quite so bad.

Mark: *smiles and nods* got that right. There's a sofa and a recliner in the office upstairs too if it ends up being an all nighter. I've not got any fresh food in my little fridge, but we can raid the freeze-dried camp food. Some of its quite good

Sheriff Dave: As long as there's food, it's all good. *grins and then sighs to myself, just my luck a chance to be snowed in for what could be a day or two... and I'm not with Marton. I'm sure someone up there is laughing hysterically at that right now*

Mark: *smiles and nods* I'd hate to think what it would have been like here without any food at all *moves to turn the coffee pot back on when we're done with the last of the windows*

Sheriff Dave: We'd have to resort to desperate measures and I'm sorry, mate... *makes a show of looking you up and down with a smirk* ... but you look like you might be a bit too tough to chew...

Mark: *eyes you, then starts laughing* well I'm fairly certain I'd not care for whatever flavour you are at any rate. At least we'll be warm

Sheriff Dave: *be warmer if Marton were here... no, I will NOT pout* Yes, warm is definitely a good thing... *okay, it could be worse Wenham, you could be stuck in here with Deputy Parker... tries not to visibly shudder at that thought*

Mark: *turns around to look at you* you sounded a bit wistful there mate *smiles, picking up a tube of lube from the shelf they're kept on* missing a hot date?

Sheriff Dave: *gives you a rueful smile* Yeah... you could say that...

Mark: I do have a bathroom. Don't let me keep you *snickers, moving to fill the basket with fresh grounds and adding water to the coffee pot*

Sheriff Dave: *smirks* Somehow that I don't think that would cut it just now, but thanks for the offer... I'll keep it in my mind if the situation should get more desperate later.

Mark: *laughs and points at the magazine rack* there're visual aids *snickers*

Sheriff Dave: Oh I can come up with plenty of visual aids all on my own, thanks... *grins... Marton shirtless chopping wood... Marton naked as he strips to take a shower... Marton dripping wet as he comes OUT of the shower... Marton sprawled on his back and moaning like a whore while we fuck... okay... may have gotten a bit carried away there... tries to squirm discreetly*

Mark: *wide grin* must be the case. I dont think I have ever seen you with anyone since you moved here.

Sheriff Dave: *small smile* Being sheriff can make things difficult. *decides to allow you to make what you will of that statement*

Mark: *cocks head, watching you* no one in town would mind if you were actually dating someone Sheriff

Sheriff Dave: *can't help but chuckle at that* Oh, they'd mind... I assure you.

Mark: why? You're not a pedophile or anything are you? *is joking*

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* No, I'm definitely not a pedophile, I assure you of that.

Mark: Right, well then, as long as you arent secretly in love with your own mother, I don't see that there's any problem

Sheriff Dave: *sips my coffee, watching you for a moment* I'm fairly certain that there would be several members of the community who would not take too kindly to the thought of their sheriff being with another man.

Mark: *looks up from my position on the floor, digging in the little fridge, to see your face, see if you're joking. You dont look like you are* did you say a man?

Sheriff Dave: *meets your gaze unwavering, nods*

Mark: *slow blink, gets up, still looking at you* never would have guessed

Sheriff Dave: *small laugh, shrugs* I'd been attracted to men before... just never enough to actually do anything about it... until now that is.

Mark: *eyes widen, looks from left to right* uhhh

Sheriff Dave: *sighs a little at your response, but says nothing, drinking more coffee*

Mark: *steps a bit closer, speaks conspiratorilly, as if anyone could overhear me* you're not interested in me are you?

Sheriff Dave: *rolls my eyes* No, Mark... I am not interested in you. Just because I happen to find SOME men attractive doesn't mean I go around indiscriminately groping every bloke I meet.

Mark: *nods* yes well, its just the way you phrased that "until now" business. Had me worried I'd have to remind you I'm a married man

Sheriff Dave: I meant until I met the person I'm currently with. I hadn't been interested in persuing any attractions I'd had further until things progressed with him.

Mark: Ah right, well thats good then *smiles, feeling better about not having to tell you no* so you have a boyfriend then?

Sheriff Dave: *big smile* Yes, I do.

Mark: *smiles a bit then* well good, I'm glad for you

Sheriff Dave: Thank you... so am I. Been quite awhile since I've been with anybody.

Mark: *nods* as I said, I hadnt seen you with anyone and I've been in town quite some time now. Jill and I have talked about fixing you up with people now and again

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* Thank you, I appreciate the concern.

Mark: *grins* its not healthy to live your life alone. There's too many people around here that live alone

Sheriff Dave: *nodding* So I'm discovering... I've been much happier these last few months than I have been in years.

Mark: *smiles, turning to the coffee pot* well thats good then! *pours a cup for myself* want more?

Sheriff Dave: Yes, please! *holds out my empty cup to you*

Mark: *takes the cup and moves to fill it* so your boyfriend will remain a secret then hmm?

Sheriff Dave: Well, no... *smiles, thinking of him again* I've been seeing Marton actually.

Mark: *eyes widen* Marton...Csokas?

Sheriff Dave: *swallows and nods* Yeah.

Mark: *slow blink* never would have guessed that either

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* Came as a great surprise to me as well.

Mark: *smiles* well, Jill and I will have to have you two over to dinner

Sheriff Dave: *grins* I think we'd like that.

Mark: *grins* wonderful. You've got to have some safe haven against the overtly religious persons around our township

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* Yes, most definitely. Be nice to be around other people and not have to hide things.

Mark: *smiles* dont have to hide in front of us at all. We may want to keep the kids from really knowing as they might tell their friends whose parents arent as understanding

Sheriff Dave: *nodding* Of course... I don't want to jeopardize my job.

Mark: *shakes head no* I'd be mortified if one of the kids did something to harm your position. I try to teach them to be open in their thinking but I realize there are a lot of people in town who arent

Sheriff Dave: *small sigh* Unfortunately... it's the downside to working in a small town.

Mark: *nods* I'm sorry you both have to deal with that

Sheriff Dave: *shrugs* It's a small price to pay, really.

Mark: *smiles* well as long as you get time together I suppose its okay

Sheriff Dave: *grins* We manage.

Mark: *chuckles* its probably good that he lives in such a remote location

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* That certainly doesn't hurt.

Mark: *grins* though I have to wonder how he'll fare in this storm

Sheriff Dave: Are you kidding me? Marton is so well-stocked up and prepared for just about any eventuality, he could probably survive for a month at his house with no contact from the outside world.

Mark: just a month *smiles, joking*

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* Conservative estimate.

Mark: *laughs* You know I've only been out there a couple times and the last was over a year ago

Sheriff Dave: Marton is the quintessential boy scout... be prepared and all that... *fond tone to my voice*

Mark: *wide smile, nods* strikes me as he'd be that way. He shops here frequently

Sheriff Dave: Oh he is, I assure you. *grins*

Mark: *laughs* I'll take your word for it mate

Sheriff Dave: So how are Jill and the kids? Are they doing well at school this term?

Mark: *nods yes, smiling* Very well

Sheriff Dave: That's good to hear... they grow so fast...

Mark: *nods yes* they do indeed *eyes you* so, with you and Marton, you know, together. That mean you'll never have kids?

Sheriff Dave: *blinks at the question* Well... I uh... haven't really thought about it... but I suppose not...

Mark: *frowns a bit* thats really too bad. I've seen you both with children and you're wonderful

Sheriff Dave: *blinks again* You think we should have kids? *finds my head is spinning*

Mark: you're both so good with them

Sheriff Dave: Huh... well, that's certainly something to think about... *wonders what Marton's reaction would be to THAT*

Mark: *smiles* well as you say its only been a few months, plenty of time left to think about that

Sheriff Dave: *nods* Oh most definitely! Marton would probably have a heart attack if I mentioned that...

Mark: *wide smile* you think so? I've seen him with so many other people's children going out on his adventures that I cant imagine it bothering him at all

Sheriff Dave: Well... as you said... we haven't been together all that long... I mean I know he loves children but yeah... talking about having his own? I don't know...

Mark: *chuckles, nods* I know, it is a bit much

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* Just a smidge, yes...

Mark: *laughs and feels my stomach growl* call of the wild!

Sheriff Dave: *chuckles* Think you better get some food into ya mate before your stomach cannabilizes itself.

Mark: *smiles and nods* absolutely. Are you hungry? *wanders over to the huge selection of freeze dried foods*

Sheriff Dave: I never say no to food, mate. *grins*

Mark: *laughs* well come over here and pick out which gormet meal you're in the mood for

Sheriff Dave: *laughs and wanders over* Hmmm... the pasta looks pretty safe...

Mark: *points* I really like their beef stroganoff

Sheriff Dave: Sounds good.. *takes it out*

Mark: *moves to get some water and pop a bowl of it in the microwave*

Sheriff Dave: *looks the package over suspiciously* And this stuff is actually edible?

Mark: it really is

Sheriff Dave: *shrugs* Be interesting finding out...

Mark: *laughs* well its find out or live off coffee mate

Sheriff Dave: I'll take my chances with the freeze dried... just coffee gives me an ulcer thinking about it...

Mark: *laughs* exactly

Sheriff Dave: *can still hear the wind howling behind the boarded up windows* Doesn't sound like the storm is letting up much...

Mark: *shakes head no* I have a smaller window up in the office. We can have a look at it up there, eat in a bit more comfort

Sheriff Dave: *nods* Sounds like a plan.

Mark: *grins, hears the beep and moves over with the two foil packets of freeze dried beef stroganoff. I pour in the hot water as needed and seal up each packet, handing yours to you* let it remain closed for 5 minutes *moves to grab a box of plastic forks from a store shelf, turns off coffee* lets get upstairs. I have a water cooler up there to drink from

Sheriff Dave: *nods and takes the tray, following you upstairs, hearing the wind howling even louder out here* Nope, definitely not letting up at all...

Mark: *follows you up the stairs* nope, doesnt sound very promising

Sheriff Dave: Looks like we'll be stuck here at least for the night.

Mark: *nods yes, moving to look out the window* cant see two feet in front of me out there *shakes head, moves to hand you one of the sporks from the box* just stir the food really good before you eat it

Sheriff Dave: *nods and does as you say* Doesn't smell all that bad, either.

Mark: *grins* if you've ever had that stroganoff hamburger helper you can get in grocery stores here, you'll already know what it tastes like

Sheriff Dave: Oh yeah! That stuff is good! *finishes stirring and takes a bite* Mmm... not bad!

Mark: *grins* tastes like that stuff doesnt it? *moves to get a cup of water* want some?

Sheriff Dave: Yes, it does... *nods* ...water would be great, thanks.

Mark: *smiles and gets you a cup, brings them over. I set mine down and move to see if I can get any reception on the television, its a no go* well I have a few videos here. Like to watch a film?

Sheriff Dave: Sure! What do you have? *I ask around a mouthful of the beef stuff which really is quite good*

Mark: *pokes through them* all four Alien movies, the Bella Legosi version of Dracula and Happy Gilmore *grins*

Sheriff Dave: Ohh... I love the Alien movies! The first two were the best though.

Mark: *nods* I totally agree with you. I dont know what they were thinking for 3 *grins*

Sheriff Dave: *laughs* I dont' think they were... that's the problem.

Mark: *laughs, moving to push the first of the series into the player*

Sheriff Dave: *gets comfortable, glad to have something to pass the time*

Mark: *moves to sit, opening my packet of dinner and stirring, settling in for the show, and what promises to be a long night of videos, freeze dried food, and the sounds of rushing wind in the eaves*
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