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Billy Boyd

OOC: Takes place Thursday, January 29th.

Billy: *Somehow I don’t think he’s taken my words to heart. Or if he has, he’s doing a pathetic job at following them. But I don’t blame him. There, he’s gone and made me sick now. Sick from seeing him sad.* Hey. *I nudge back at his forehead with my shoulder, bringing a hand to his chin to lift his face up, looking at him with a tiny smile. He looks so forlorn that my smile almost falters, but I cover it up by leaning in and kissing him gently.* I... *Another kiss.* Love... *Kiss.* You. *I kiss him for a long moment, pulling back only when I feel him relax slightly.* Don’t think about anything else.

Dom: *My stomach flutters against my will to be gloomy, and I can feel my cheeks growing hot under the watch of his dark eyes. He loves me. That's what I'm supposed to think about now. My heart suddenly flips around, and I don't remember feeling anything other than deep, velvet, warm, calming love. Love from him. The crook of my mouth edges up and the tension in my shoulders falls off with one breath. My energy has drained from me, too, and I can tell that my eyes are still moist. Just taking him into my gaze is too much. I shake my head, agreeing with his request, and whimper as I slide one kiss into his mouth.* I love you... *I speak, pulling away just enough. My smile bends apologetically.* I'm glad you love me...

Billy: *I want to see that smile broaden with happiness and mischief. I want to hear him laugh. I want to feed him cookie dough until he’s had his fill and then make love to him until we’re too tired to move or think about anything at all. But I’ll settle for the fact that he’s smiling. My thumb comes up to brush at some of the dampness that’s collected just under his eye, and I kiss his eyes shut, resting my cheek to his forehead and rocking us back and forth gently.* Smell those cookies? *I ask after a moment’s pause, smiling and pressing a kiss to his forehead.* Almost done.

Dom: *I hum with a little happiness, still unable to laugh just yet, or react with too much anticipation. But I do smell the cookies, and they do smell delicious... And, actually, I am pretty excited about my first real batch of anything baked. But my heart still hurts a bit. I don't know what's making it feel that way. After all, the most beautiful person in the world just told me he loves me. A swelling grows in my throat and I can't hold it back. My mouth aches and circles wide into a great yawn that presses on Billy's cheek. My eyes squint closed.* Mm...cookies.. *I try, forcing out at the end of my yawn and snuggling against Billy again. My nose touches his skin and I can smell him distinctly; that wonderful sweetness he just creates.* Mm...Billy... *I speak comfortably, smile finally growing a little more.*

Billy: Sounds like you need a nap, Mr. Monaghan. *The oven beeps then and I hop up from his lap, heading over to the oven and grabbing an oven mitt to slide the tray out. I hold it out for Dom to see, smile brimming at the sight of a near-perfect batch of cookies.* You know what I’d like to do? *I ask him, setting the tray down on top of the oven.* I’d like to put another tray in the oven, take these cookies and some milk, and then go cuddle up on the couch and see how we approve of our final product. Does that sound good to you?

Dom: *I sniff, and smile a bit more, rubbing my eyes wearily with a small nod and a grateful glance in Billy's direction.* Yeah... *Slowly, I'm able to get to my feet, using the table as a support and then making my way closer to Billy. I reach him, arms coming around him, head resting against his adoringly.* I'm sorry I got angry... *I mumble on his cheek, snuggling my own body into the shape of his until we fit. Hesitating, feeling a bit shy, I scrunch my shoulders up and hope he'll see that I just love him, and everything because of him. And I just want to know that he still loves me despite the way I turn into a monster sometimes.* Can I have a kiss? *I ask timidly, muffling my words as I bury my head to his neck.*

Billy: *My heart gives a little wrench. He’s actually asking. . Oh love...* Can you have a kiss? *I ask softly, wonderingly. I nudge his face up from my shoulder, not wanting him to feel as though he has to hide from me. He doesn’t think I’m angry with him, does he? Another pang of guilt in my heart.* Of course you can have a kiss. You know you don’t have to ask. *I press two fingers under his chin and tip his face up just enough so that I can slide my lips against his; such a perfect fit.*

Dom: *I close my eyes with a whimper, feeling his lips hot around mine, moving with slight tenderness. I press my own lips down slowly, and then still them, unmoving for moments. The world is quiet. The silence is loud. My throat tightens; meanwhile my heart loosens up. Finally, I move away, opening my eyes to him as he comes into focus and purse my moistened lips together, catching a bit of his taste on their edges. Gleaming eyes dance over his face softly.* Can I have *My brow turns*...three cookies? *My voice breaks, forfeiting its relief into the open, and causing my own mouth a small and unexpected smile.*

Billy: Three?! *I pretend to be aghast, covering my freshly-kissed mouth with my hands, feeling the light tingle there.* You’ll spoil your dinner, you naughty boy. Which is a shame, since we’re having cookies for dinner. *I grin and sweep up the unbaked cookie tray, popping it in the oven and setting the timer. I work quickly at unloading the cookie sheet of its warm, gooey cookies, and then recovering it with dollops of dough, finishing off the rest of it. Piling the used utensils and bowls in the sink, I load a plate with cookies and fill two glasses with milk, passing them to him.* Come on then, out of the kitchen! If we leave now we can pretend the dirty dishes don’t exist.

Dom: *My grin warms noticeably as I take the milk in my hands and am scooted out of the kitchen with my cookie-wielding boyfriend. We enter the living room (well, Billy 'enters'... I kind of...almost stumble) with new smiles and make our way around the couch to find our seats. I'm sure to set the glasses of milk down carefully before I sit down, ignoring the purposes of table coasters; (never cared for them anyway - air hockey pucks). And as I settle myself into one end of the couch I sneak a cookie from the plate before Billy has even had the chance to put it down. Damn, the thing is hot; my fingers switch places as I hold the morsel and, not knowing what else to do with it, I take a bite as quick as I can. Wincing, I realise I can't close my mouth. So, I wait, mouth gaping, for the cookie to cool as, meanwhile, it scalds my tongue.* Ouw... *I speak around the cookie, and try not to laugh when Billy finally gives me a look.*

Billy: *My eyebrows shift up in a perplexed glance at the bite of cookie resting in Dom’s mouth, and I shake my head with a chuckle when I realize just what’s causing him to give me this impressive display of seafood.* Serves you right for your impatience! *I say with a grin, setting down the plate of cookies before moving the glasses to coasters (that’s what they’re there for, after all). But I can’t fault him, because they do look delicious. I pluck one of the cookies from the plate, holding it between my fingertips as I plop down at the other end of the couch. Blowing gently across the cookie (even though everyone knows that doesn’t really help in the cooling process), I lean against the arm rest and curl my legs up onto the sofa.* Good? *I ask curiously, waiting until the burning of his tongue ceases enough for him to truly taste it, if he has any taste buds left.*

Dom: *The cookie cools slowly, and I close my mouth, chomping merrily and bouncing a bit on the couch for the sheer tastiness of the chocolate and dough. I nod at Billy after humming a bit of an agreeable tune and scoot deeper into the cushions of the couch.* Very good. *I speak, still munching. I lick a spot of melted chocolate chip from my thumb.* The best cookies ever. *I lick the crumbs from my finger.* Ever. *From the next finger.* Ever. *And the next, glancing up to Billy with a smile.* Ever. You're house baker now. *I grin, wiggling into my spot against the opposite arm of the couch and finishing off my cookie in a mouthful.*

Billy: *I am delighted in Dom’s apparent appreciation of our afternoon’s efforts. I take a small bite from the cookie once the pads of my fingertips stop hurting from the heat, and polish it off a few bites later.* Mm, delicious. But we’re a team, you see. I’ve never been able to get the dry bits quite right. We’ll have to work together. *I look down at my messy fingertips and lean up, dabbing a drop of chocolate from my index finger onto Dom’s lower lip, and lean back against the armrest again with a content smile on my face.*

Dom: *I bounce with a laugh as Billy leans back to his cushy spot and grins adorably at me. Biting my tongue on the curve of my mouth, I'm tempted to ask Bill who he'd rather have clean up this mess he's made. But I'm much too interested in his laughing eyes to speak up. Slowly my tongue sneaks its way along my bottom lip, swiping up the chocolate and tasting it sweet inside my mouth.* Mm... *I leave the taste there, looking upon Billy with satisfaction.* Let's always be a team, hon. It's better.

Billy: I agree. Unless I’m trying to surprise you, in which case I’ll work solo. But at least now I know I don’t even have to bake them to please you, hmm? *I wrap my arms around myself and drape my legs into his lap. I think I’d much rather just watch him eat the entire plate of cookies himself, if it weren’t for the fact that he’d have a tremendous bellyache. I just can’t help but love the way he’s lit up right now.*

Dom: *I snatch up another cookie, reaching down over his legs after the plate, and take a bite before I'm even settled into the couch again.* Dough is better, really. *I munch, holding the cookie with one hand and draping my other hand over his ankles, massaging one loosely.* It's much more useful, you know. For example... *I raise my brow and think, taking another bite of cookie.* ...I could put it into ice cream...or eat it plain...or... *I swallow and give his ankle a little squeeze, trying not to grin.* with it. *I'm not very secretive, but I can almost make out Billy's smile in the corner of my eye, which is worth more than my blatant implications.*

Billy: *I rub the toes of my unoccupied foot against his thigh and move my arms behind my head, closing my eyes with a tiny little smile on my lips.* Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? *I tend to agree with him, though... dough is better than the cookies themselves, except for the ever-present risk of salmonella. I slide my eyes open again, wondering if maybe he went through the entire plate of cookies when I wasn’t looking.*

Dom: *Smiling, I finish off another cookie. I eye the plate suspiciously again, noting that Billy isn't really paying attention to me, and I wonder silently if I should sneak another treat for myself. But as I see Billy lying there, relaxed against the end of the couch, I find it hard even to think about food. Instead, carefully, I lift my feet to rest on the edge of the table, propping his legs up in my lap, then move both hands to his stocking feet and rub them tenderly. I grin when his toes curl on my legs, scrunching away from my touch, but continue to work at them anyway, gently feeling his muscles loosen. I turn my gaze to him with fond consideration. There's a light smile on his lips; it's the kind I would usually like to kiss, but I'm in no position to do so now. I lift one of his feet a little and knead the underside with my palms.* Now if I had four arms, I might be able to fan you and drop bits of cookie in your mouth at the same time. *I muse with a grin, unable to tear my eyes from his face.*

Billy: Mmm, and I thought you were the perfect man already, but you have even more perfect thoughts. *I grin at him, stretching a bit as I allow my foot to press slightly into those amazing hands of his. My eyes slip shut when a moan escapes my lips as he finds an exceedingly tender spot, and I blush slightly with a slightly sheepish smile.* No, what you really need is an extendable pair of lips so you can kiss me while you do that. *I bite my lip to control my smile of pleasure as he works out all the sore spots in my feet.*

Dom: Hah... that might be able to be arranged. *I consider the positions I might have to conform to if it were to be arranged.* …Somehow. *I smile, imagining just lying on top of him and kissing him all over anyway, forget about feet. I don't usually like feet anyway. Though, Billy's feet are different in a way. I think his are the only feet besides mine that I would ever touch. What confuses me, really, is that I want to touch his. But, damn, I want to touch him all over. My smile flusters; I just don't know how I'll be able to manage the kissing without causing him a bit of discomfort. So I decide to hold off for now; just watch, and move to the next stocking foot.* How's that?... *I ask, rubbing a dimple in the bottom of his foot with my thumbs, pressing out on his tense muscles. If I can't kiss him yet, I can at least make the time in between worthwhile, and maybe distract him a bit so he won't feel the lack of it.*

Billy: Ohh. *My eyes shut again as he finds the right spot, that one spot that unmakes every last bit of tension in my body and turns me into goo. I’m fairly sure all my bones have liquefied. Cracking one eye open, I poke his thigh lazily with the big toe of my other foot.* You know, you’re really good at this. I might have to keep you around, after all. *Of course, he could be touching my elbow and I would go mushy. I’m starting to think it’s not me at all, but just his touch. It’s amazing that anyone can even function when standing within a few feet of him. It’s a good thing he works alone, or at least nearly alone, or else no one would get any work done. Marty’s probably immune, anyway. It should be a crime to have hands and fingers that can touch like that. Weapons of mass destruction.*

Dom: *My grin riddles my whole face with glee, and I press deep into the soles of his feet, chuckling at every little sound he makes.* Well I'm glad I can stay. My other house is dead. *I have a sudden urge to kiss him again - like a hunger pang - it seeps into my limbs and all over. If I thought I could bend that way, I'd lean down and at least kiss his toes. But I'm sure now that I'm stuck. I lift his foot a bit more to reach under his heel and rub at the edges. Wait a minute... I lift his foot a bit more. Then, grinning, I duck my head and press a kiss to his sock-covered toe, still massaging delicately. Leaning back to the couch, I'm contented, lowering his foot with a sigh.* Do you like massages, Bill? *I get the feeling he does, by the way he keeps wriggling his toes against my legs, but I'd like to ask. He seems to give a deeper reaction when I ask directly, and I look to his face, awaiting an ache of pleasurable agreement, or just a little murmur through his lovely smile. My body twinges with a want to see it.*

Billy: You just kissed my toe. *I giggle a bit, one hand coming up to cover my mouth.* I can’t believe you just kissed my toe. *I look wide-eyed at him, before realizing he’s asked me a question, and I nod quickly.* I like them very much indeed. Especially ones from you. *I swear, he knows my body better than I do. He knows just where to push to get the exact desired reaction. And if that’s so, he’ll know exactly what I want when I speak again...* Oi, that’s enough though, or my feet will be so relaxed you’ll have to carry me to the kitchen to get the cookies out of the oven. *I look pointedly at him, tapping his leg with my heel. Now, about that other half of perfection... Just now, I can hear the oven timer dinging from far away in the kitchen.* Damn it... *I mumble and repossess my feet from him, swinging them over the side of the couch.* I’ll be right back; don’t move. Drink your milk. *I wink at him and turn to walk tenderly back into the kitchen.*

Dom: *I shake my head proudly and reach for my milk as he ordered. Taking the glass up to my lips, I drink nearly half of it, leaving a great milk moustache on my upper lip. I decide to leave it there for Billy to see when he returns and, meanwhile, think about his beautiful body and...touching it again. My toes curl on the edge of the table and I lean into the back of the couch, grinning firmly with my hands set on the plane of my stomach (now a bit plump from the cookies). Billy... Mm, Billy... There are still so many mysteries to him. My eyes dance over the texture of the ceiling and I sigh. There are noises in the kitchen... his pattering around in stocking feet, moving cookie sheets here and there, lifting cookies from the trays and setting them aside. It's taking him far too long to get back. I tilt my head to one side and call to him through a bright smile.* I love you and I miss you! *Hoping it will draw him back out.*

Billy: *I finish removing the freshly-baked cookies from the oven and slide the last tray of dough in, setting it for the proper amount of time. I smile and blush in spite of myself at his call, slipping the now-empty cookie sheet into the sink along with the other dirty dishes.* Oh, but you’re impatient! *Eying the stacking pile, I consider actually doing the dishes while I’m in here, not just to irritate him but because I hate leaving dirty dishes for too long, but my own desire to be back on the sofa with him overcomes any feelings of rebellion. I slip back into the room, padding across the floor to the couch, giggling at the mess he’s made of his upper lip.* Are you the ‘Got Milk?’ spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service, then? *I question curiously, sitting back down on the couch. I stretch out again, but this time my head is in his lap and my feet flung haphazardly over the arm of the couch.*

Dom: Mmhm.. *I giggle inside, looking down at him and snuggling my legs to hold his head just right. My hands fall to his face, brushing away some rampant hairs at his temples and feeling his velvet skin on the edges of my fingers. My tongue comes up and finally licks away the milk resting on my lip. I try not to make it such a sloppy show as he watches me, smiling up at me as I wipe the moisture from my lip with a thumb. My grin again appears from behind my hand.* I'm wearing sexy postal shorts in the ad, too; you should see it. *I want to lean in for a kiss, but again I cannot. And moving his head to my lips is a bit more difficult than moving his foot. I take a finger and press it softly to my lips, then, eyes crinkling with a smile, place my kissed finger on the part of his own two lips. I cup his face afterward and gaze down at him, unable to measure the depth of his darkening eyes.* You are so beautiful. I bet you've made love five hundred times.

Billy: *I’m just this side of lost in a delicious image of Dom in tiny little postal shorts (when he wore them last summer, I was too blind to truly appreciate them) when his fingertip reaches my lips, and I kiss back against the skin instinctively. His comment, however, catches me off guard.* Five hundred? *I laugh a bit, the very idea silly to my own ears.* Nowhere near. *Truth is, I’m not sure I’d consider anything before what I’ve shared with Dom ‘making love.’ At the time I might have thought so, but now I’m not so sure. I poke him in the stomach good-naturedly.* Wouldn’t be surprised if your tally was somewhere near that, though. *To alleviate the sharp jab I flatten my palm against his belly, hesitating for only a second before sliding my hand underneath his shirt to press directly against his skin, thumb swiping back and forth slowly.*

Dom: *I purr a bit when he touches me, eyes closing, body stretching to give his hand a larger plane over which to caress. My smile extends from ear to ear and my fingers slowly curl their ways into the edges of his hair as my eyes drift open again, looking upon him.* No... *I manage, trying to remember what it was he had said. I know it was about making love... Ah, yes. My smile grows even more. Making love... Inside my heart is spinning, and I try to keep it from snatching up words from my mind.* No, a little less than that. Maybe three hundred. *I tease, brushing my thumbs along his blushing pink cheeks.* I believe I was at '32' before I met you... *I wish that there were no limit to smiles. Mine seems to grow on the inside, but on the outside I'm not sure Bill can see it. Though he seems to have a talent for making his smile greater and sweeter with every word. I turn my hand at his ear to feel its peaks lightly with my knuckles and cock my head at Billy's smiling gaze. He's so exciting, but he won't let on. And I need to know more.* Where's the best place you've ever made love? *I ask softly, though the question doesn't feel awkward at all; not, I think, like it should.*

Billy: *The first thought that comes to mind is ‘in your arms’ because it’s the truth, but while that answer may please him, I don’t think it would fully satisfy him. I get the feeling he wants me to tell him something he doesn’t already know. I am silent for a moment, eyes coming to rest blankly upon his throat as I attempt to collect my thoughts.* Back in Glasgow, when I was a lot younger, my girlfriend and I made love for the first time on the roof of her apartment building. *I blush at the memory, feeling odd that I should be telling you this. It’s something that, up until now, I had kept to myself.* It was more necessity than anything, really. Her flatmates were always around, and they had a rule between them about not having blokes stay in the apartment, and I was at school, living in a dorm... wasn’t the most comfortable place, but she went to a lot of trouble to make it dead romantic. Nerve-wracking, but romantic. Someone could have come up at any moment. *I smile fondly. That’s what I had told her, too, but she had just smiled and laughed, and that was enough to convince me. I blink and look up at Dom, extending the hand that isn’t stroking his stomach to touch his chin.* How about you?

Dom: *I hum at his story, not certain if I'm in agreement or just amusement. Not that I can really agree. Even if I hadn't known Billy at the time of his adventurous act, it does give me that prick of jealousy; to know that he's been felt, known... perhaps, and of course, even loved. But I have to admit he's a lucky wanker to have done it. On the rooftop. What a mess. I smile and tilt my head into his hand, closing my eyes for a moment to feel just him.* How about me... *I repeat, trying to think of anything that might top him. You'd think someone as bloody crazy as me would have at least one idea.* ...well, yours was pretty good... but I'm afraid I've got one better... *I grin smugly, rubbing my fingers on the bit of stubble on the curve of his chin.* Empty hot tub. *I state, almost laughing when I remember how it happened, and how many bruises I received for keeping it going.* was supposed to be full. I was over at this girl's of those cool summer nights. We decide, she's got the hot tub, we've got the time, let's go out and sit in it for a bit. I guess she forgot that they were draining it to be cleaned, so we were kind of disappointed when we opened the top. Silly thing got in it anyway and set herself down, begging me to come in with her. I felt like such an idiot... *I laugh in surprise, though.* That is...until...she didn't want to just sit.

Billy: I’d say she just wanted an excuse to get randy with you in an empty hot tub. *I say with a chuckle, knowing that can’t have been comfortable. Still, I should have figured Dom’s would have been in someplace odd like that. I wonder idly how many of that 32 was with that girl... if she had been a friend, or a one-time thing, or perhaps a girlfriend.* What’s one place you’ve always wanted to make love but haven’t had the chance to yet? *I say abruptly, liking this game. And here is some information I can use.*

Dom: *My smile widens. He must've known what I would ask next. I just know he'll harbor this information away. I look down at him and grin, his smile echoing back. I'd better think of something especially satisfying then.* At work. *I'm not very creative. I consider myself, however, very unfortunate.* I've never had it at work. And I'm feeling really left out about it, too. I've been checking out the mailroom... *I squint, shaking my head with a click of the tongue.* many good spots there. It's just a bloody great waste of space at the moment. *I lean my head as he begins stroking my skin again and, in turn, look to him, stroking. My smile warms.* And you? Where would be the best place, huh? Like some at work, too? *I ask, bouncing my legs softly, knowing full well he'd never go for that little notion...though I can't imagine why not.*

Billy: *My eyes widen and I begin to giggle. Only Dom would ever consider a mailroom to be a suitable place for having sex... or a classroom, for that matter. Well, I’m sure it’s been done in classrooms, all sorts of things happen in college, but a elementary school classroom?* Nooo, I don’t think that would be such a good idea. I’d have to go off teaching. *I roll my eyes with a smile and drop my hand from his face, seeking out one of his hands to hold.* I suppose I’ll have to pay a visit to you at work some Saturday, huh? Pay Marty to take the day off? *I wink up at him, playing with his fingers a bit, as I turn my mind back to the original question.* Well, I’m all for getting back to nature, so maybe somewhere outside... maybe in an empty field on a clear, sunny day, or maybe in the woods, against a tree. *I grin.* Got to be careful there, though. Wouldn’t want splinters in your arse.

Dom: Hah. *I grin at him, fiddling my fingers between his own and giving them a tug.* Unless you've an arse of steel like me. Though... *I muse, blushing a little and turning his hand over in mine.* ...a field sounds nice. *I lift his knuckles to my lips suddenly, wanting to taste him a bit, then nuzzling the crooks of his fingers.* And, just to let you know...yes...visit me at work. I'll give Marty the day off. We can play male handlers. *I press my lips to his finger and look at him with a mischievous glare.*

Billy: Thought it was usually the employer who gave the employee the day off. *I tease, fingertips scratching against his belly gently. Arse of steel indeed... I don’t disagree, though. I pull my hand out from under his shirt and drape it across myself, choosing instead to move my head closer to his body and nuzzle my face against his shirt. I close my eyes and wet my lips.* What was your last... lover like, Dom? *I’m curious; we haven’t spoken much about our pasts in that way, and I’d like to know.*

Dom: *His question catches me a bit off-guard, making my stomach turn a bit uncertainly. Not because my last lover was...well, rotten. But she wasn't...well, Billy. And our break-up wasn't too impressive, really. I'm surprised, also, that Billy would want to talk about it. Though...he doesn't seem so sure himself. I look at him carefully as he nuzzles into my belly, eyes resting closed, waiting quietly.* Well... *I begin, not sure how to put this. I look up, around the room.* Well...she was... A waitress...I met at a restaurant. I found her attractive and asked her to sit for a drink with me. *The edge of my mouth turns slightly.* Well, she was working, so she couldn't, but she came back to my flat with me later and... It was a one-night stand sort of thing that just kept going. I thought she was just really committed, but apparently she just thought that I was and didn't want to hurt my feelings by running off too soon. *I bring Billy's hand to my face instinctively, his fingers a bit cold.* I think she started to really like me, though, by the end. I was leaving England to go on a trip with my friends... She got angry that I was leaving her at home for so long. We uh... had a fight. *I rub my cheek on Billy's knuckles, remembering that day; it was very quiet. Like this. Well, not like this at all, really. But the silence is similar.* The last thing she said was "it's either this fucking trip of yours, or me, Dom." *I bite my lip, then exhale, some tension falling.* So I left... I still can't tell if I regret it or not. At least - *I glance to Billy.* what I did to her. *I try to perk up a bit, now, ready to return Billy's question. I don't want to think about her. That was some other life of mine, I think. Smiling softly at Billy I nudge him with my thumb.* was your last lover, then?

Billy: *I regret asking him suddenly, but not because I didn’t want to know, because I did. But I don’t like him having to dredge up memories better left buried, especially if they bother or hurt him. And that one sounded as if it did both. I frown a bit, still dwelling on his story... I can’t imagine letting go of someone like Dom so easily, over something as silly as a little vacation. Still, I imagine she wouldn’t have been very happy if she had let Dom go and he had ended up staying on over here, though that’s silly: if he still had her, he would have found a way back. Another thought occurs to me that bothers me even more: what if he had chosen to not go on the trip at all, and I had never met him? He might be back in Britain with her now, like he is with me here... perhaps he’d even be engaged to her or something. I push the thought out of my head. I’m not jealous of her; no, not at all. Rather, I’m grateful that she made him make that choice. I’m grateful, because in doing so, she gave him to me.* He was a good man... the first man I’d really had a relationship with, actually. I’d been with a man before him, but it had been a one night stand. *I don’t want to bring that memory up.* It was a few years ago... he worked at the local library. He recommended a couple books to me, checked them out for me... about halfway through one, he had stuck his phone number in. *I smile at the memory, remembering how shocked I had been at first and then the huge, dopey grin that had stuck on my face for the rest of the day until I had returned home from school to call him.* We were together for nearly a year, I think, but he moved away before I did, to London. I moved a couple months after that.

Dom: Oh... *It hadn't occurred to me that Billy may have had other relationships with men. I really... well, I never really have. I mean, I've done the whole sex bit, of course - who doesn't experiment, hey? But never anything serious. I can't tell if it hurts me or if it's just a little of that jealousy filtering up. I'd be jealous of any of Billy's lovers, I suppose. I mean, I couldn't have had tabs on him his whole life... but, than again, it might have been nice. I kiss his hand a last time and then rest our hands together on his warm stomach, playing my free hand through his hair and gazing on at him for moments and then longer.* It's funny...things like that... *I try to smile.* So many people I've known. I'm glad I'm not with them anymore. Then I might not be with you. *My grin is clear now; thinking about Billy must be a medicine for everything.* Funny how that happened, too... *That's better... Seeing him smiling up at me. Smiling together. It's much warmer in here. More specifically, right here, on the couch, in this one spot, where I can look at him.* I think I'd like to know... *I wonder, voice picking up a bit.* Where is your favorite place to be touched? *I like this question even better, I think. Maybe that's just because I want to touch him. He looks like he's in need of it. And I should know, as his boyfriend, exactly...where to touch...*

Billy: You’re asking that just so you’ll know how to melt me to goo so you can wrap me around your little finger when you want something, aren’t you? *Still, it’s probably a good thing for him to know. And it’s something I’d like to know about him as well. But do I know my own answer? Any place Dom touches me lights me on fire. My favorite place to be touched is any place Dom’s fingertips can get to. Hmm, I’d better be more specific...* Well, besides the obvious... *I grin up cheekily at him.* I’d have to say the small of my back. It just sort of sends a jolt right through me, you know? Like I’m being touched right to the core. *It feels weird to be talking about such things... putting feelings into words when I previously could not.* Or my head... like right now... *I smile and tip my head up against his hand.* What about you?

Dom: Hm... *I smile and trail my hand through his hair deeply, to emphasise. Now if only he weren't lying on his back... My lips curve teasingly.* You know where... *I say, circling behind his ear with my thumb.* The parts that make me say good things... Or nothing at all... *He looks like he's giggling inside, making me want to laugh along with him; rest my head beside his and laugh and explore one another. I prop my legs up a little more, allowing him to be cradled by the curve of my stomach; I can feel the edge of his smile there.* And... other than the obvious, as you said... *I purse my lips in a silly (but mostly bashful) smile.* ...I really like it around the neck... You know... *I hesitate, ears warming slowly.* ...places that get hurt easily...but most definitely won't, if the right person is touching them...

Billy: *What a coincidence... because that’s one of my favorite places to touch on Dom, with both my hands and lips (besides the obvious, of course). I smile and reach searching fingertips up, trailing down the column of his neck before cupping it gently with my palm.* I’ll remember that next time I’m up there. *I murmur, pushing my smile into his stomach. *My fingertips remain there, tracing lazy patterns on his skin as I think of a new question, though I’m not entirely sure I’m creative enough to think of another, and they’re making me think too hard, anyway. Time for an intermission. Oooh, I’ve got a good one...* Pick a number between one and ten. *I command, peaking up with an amused smile to gauge his reaction.*

Dom: *I begin to smile when his hands announce their warmth on my neck, but my expression changes when I hear his question. What sort of game is this? But I laugh a bit, because of its predictability. I rarely know what's happening inside Billy's lovely head, though I'm assured, by past experience, that it's usually good. He has a tendency to have extremely pleasuring ideas. I smooth his forehead with a finger, thinking. What the hell. I bite my lip and ponder for a moment before saying:* Seven. *My expression sets on him, awaiting my fate with glad silence.*

Billy: Good choice! *I say with enthusiasm, completely approving. This is a game I could get used to playing. One that doesn’t require quite so much thinking. I lift my head away from his fingers with a pang of regret and sit up, a bit too quickly it seems as the room is suddenly spinning. Damn me and my enthusiasm. Once I’ve recovered I move over to him, kneeling with one knee on either side of him, straddling his lap. I wiggle into place and bite my lip, grinning as I lean in and plant a big, loud kiss on his forehead.* One. *I say with a flourish, fingertips coming up to his face to brush his eyelids shut.* Two, three. *I say as I kiss each of his eyelids. I smile happily and lean in to place a lingering kiss on the tip of his nose.* Four... *I chuckle softly as I nuzzle my own nose along his cheek until my lips can catch up.* Five. *I mumble against his skin. And then I move my head again, tipping it down to his neck, and there my lips linger even longer, moving silently and openly against the warm skin, happy with the newly acquired knowledge that this is something he’ll like very much. But I break away finally, because he asked for seven, and I’m not done yet.* Six... *I breathe against his skin. I pull away from his neck completely and look him in the eyes, bringing my arms up and looping them around his neck. One hand rests gently at the back of his neck, just so he’ll know I remembered.* Seven. *And then I lean in to kiss his lips, my own covering his and sliding open against the mouth that still tastes faintly of sugar.*

Dom: *My voice trembles on his lips in a thick sigh, lips parting with his and allowing a taste of his tongue into my mouth. My shoulders arch, trying to contain this emotion, and head tilts to the movement of this touch; I slip my tongue softly over his lower lip, one gentle instant bending my brow and sending soft noises into the kiss. I allow moments before the kiss finally ends, pulling away silently, releasing a small breath as my eyes open to him, smiling happily, arms wrapped around him. My hands massage at his back, that fragile small of his back, his eyes looking beautifully into mine.* I should have said ten... *I speak, my voice much softer than I’d expected.* That was a good question... *My grin spreads, knowing full well how I could outdo that question of his, but wanting to save those sorts of games for later. Right now, I’m content to be getting to know him; slowly and tenderly getting to know him. I reach a hand up and lightly stroke a finger along his cheek, dabbing his temple and down to his jaw. I touch his chin with my thumb before letting my hand rest curled behind his ear, wrist near his neck.* I have another question. *My eyes squint with my smile, fingers dancing into his hair.* When was the last time... *I search down, between our bodies, then catch myself and return to Bill.*’d slept with someone else?

Billy: *I look at him questioningly, leaning back against his hand. I wasn’t lying when I said that I like to be touched there. But his question still puzzles me. I thought I had said... oh. I blink at him and blush a bit, looking down at the couch.* It was with Jack – my old boyfriend. *It hadn’t occurred to me that Dom may have thought I’d been with other people between the two of them. But I finished with one night stands a long time ago, and even if I had wanted to, Lauderville is a small town.* Nearly two years ago, now. *My eyes widen – I hadn’t realized it had been so long. It’s been just me on my own since then. I feel suddenly very... I don’t know... innocent, or maybe just slightly pathetic. Still, I hadn’t felt the need for a relationship of any sort... until I found Dom.* What about you? *I ask quietly, finally meeting his eyes again, and I still feel the slight heat in my cheeks. But I’m smiling, wondering at his answer already.*

Dom: *My eyes widen for a bit, but a small laugh escapes my lips.* Hold on, wait, wait, wait... Two years?! *I squeeze his back a bit with my fingers, trying to give myself something to hold onto while my mind is reeling. How could a man possibly survive that long without sex? I’s nearly a given fact that men require sex in order to survive, right? Am I wrong? I can’t believe he went two years. Really, he could have jumped me at our first meeting, and I think I would have understood, under the circumstances.* Bill, weren’t you... *I search for words quickly, glancing away.* ...a bit desperate? Because...two years... *I nod, not knowing what else to do, looking at him affirmatively.* That’s a long time... A very. long time.

Billy: Dom... *I give a quiet giggle at his incredulous expression. I suppose to someone like Dom, it would seem a very long time. Both because he’s younger than I am and because he’s so much more outgoing than I am.* You’ve got to understand, in a town like Lauderville, you don’t meet many people, even if you are an outgoing person, which I’m not particularly. And before I came over here, it was still too soon after Jack and I separated. So I suppose I just became very well acquainted with my hands. *He’s still staring at me in that slightly amazed, slightly horrified way, and I laugh and shake my head at him.* All right, so we’ve established I’m a complete freak; you can stop staring at me like that. Besides, I think since knowing you I’ve more than made up for it. *I flick him gently on the back of his head to see if I can shake him back into a more aware state.* So, answer the question. What about you?

Dom: *I grin, but try to make a little bit of a pout, still dwelling on his two-year record of sexual solitude.* Aw... my poor Billy... *Leaning in, I kiss lightly at his cheek and pull away with a sympathetic smile.* Left to himself for two whole years... *I perk with a grin.* I’m glad I came along. *He laughs a bit, and I pull him in closer with a teasing embrace, not wanting to forget his question amid sounds of his voice which render me so forgetful. Leaning my cheek to his, I leave a kiss on his ear and pull back with my answer.* The last time I had sex with anyone else...was probably a month before I wound up here. That’s... *I do a mental count, biting my lip.* ...I think about seven or eight months ago. With the girl I left. Though...she and I were never so dedicated to the habit as you and I are now. *We exchange teasing smiles.* I suppose there are a couple reasons for that. *My grin spreads and I lean our heads closer together, trying to sound romantic.* One being I love you.

Billy: One? What would the others be? *The truth is, I’m not sure whether or not I’m surprised that his last sexual encounter was with his girlfriend. I mean, I suppose that seven to eight months is a terribly long time to him. So I would have thought that maybe he might have found someone in the meantime. Still, I’m relieved to know that he’s not the type to flit around. I give him a small grin and massage the back of his neck with my fingertips, resting my lips against his chin as I try and come up with another question. Hmm, time for some more information gathering.* What is one sexual experience you’ve always wanted have but haven’t yet had the chance? *I raise an eyebrow and grin rather wickedly at him.*

Dom: Ha. *I dive in quickly and cover my laughter with a kiss. I’d never expected Billy to ask a question like that. Sounds more like one of my questions, really... But it’s exciting to hear it fall from his lips, and I press up against him in anticipation, wrapping two arms about him tightly.* Very dirty... *I say coming out of the kiss with a knowing grin.* Perhaps...not being able to touch... Being pent up for someone else; being used in any way they want until I can’t stand it anymore. That... *My breath shakes from me, suddenly nervous and faintly aroused.* ...would be very lovely... And maybe to have it...five times in one night. *I grin at him as he begins to smile and nestle myself underneath him with a glad trickle of laughter.* That would be lovelier. *I lean my forehead toward his, smiling, and feeling the sudden need to be very, very close to his body. I can’t understand how I can talk about these things with him... He’s so lovely. I can’t even begin to explain how comfortable this feels.* And you, sweetheart? *I soften my voice in question, attempting not to sound as desperate as I am.* How would you have it?

Billy: *It’s more than wonderful to hear Dom speak of these things in such a forthright way, to hear him tell me outright exactly what he’d have me do. And I intend to file these thoughts away for when I want to do something perfect for him. Hmm... how very convenient. I slide farther into his lap, pressing my chest to his as I lean in to peck him near the ear.* That’s very good, because I think I’d like to tie you up and have my way with you. *I punctuate that comment with a nip at his ear, grinning wickedly as I whisper.* And perhaps... I’d like to just... watch. Just watch you. See you how you would have been during those seven or eight months. *I sigh and press myself closer, as if that were humanly possible.*

Dom: *I exhale brokenly against his skin, hips beckoning at him under his weight. This is almost too much. I can see a clear picture in my mind of Billy wrapping me up, leaving me in a twisted entrapment of want and heated desire, then stepping back to watch me with one of his most destructive smiles. It makes me want his touch now even more, and I press my palms down his back, nudging my fingers below the belt of his pants and rubbing my cheek down his neck to his collar. I press a kiss there, and then another, and then begin to smile at how fast this has happened. Every time we’re close to one another...we just can’t help it. Well, at least, I can’t. But Billy doesn’t seem to dislike the idea I’m having.* Aha...those were very long months... *I finally reply, remembering the many times resorted to the pleasures of a hand. this very house. My throat tickles with a laugh again.* Not sure you’d want to see all those months reenacted in one moment. I think I might become very dangerous... *I nip lightly on his shoulder, tempted to rock under him. I trail my lips up his throat and linger, then, at the angle of his jaw.*’ll have to tie me up tight... having you just out of my reach... *My smile grows on his neck.* I’m not sure I’m that patient, Billy...

Billy: I think you could be... *I mumble, tipping my head slightly, almost unconsciously, as his lips blaze a pleasant trail up to my jaw. I don’t have any qualms about arching down against him, letting him feel exactly what our little chat has begun to do to me, and I press down into his lap, the corners of my mouth curling into a satisfied smile.* It would be worth your while... and I think I’d like to see it, very much. *I tip my own lips down to his neck, suckling gently at the place where I feel his pulse most fiercely.*

Dom: *I gasp softly when his mouth licks like fire at the curve of my throat, and my mind slowly winds about the sense of one very pleasant meeting between our legs. My hips press upward to feel the shape of what he has shown to me, fingers dipping further into his jeans. Laughter is still in my throat, through as much desire as I’m feeling, and my smile emphasizes its effect in me. I wind giggling kisses down his neck, and up again, finding that each time I rise, his cheeks have become hotter to my skin.* ...I’m not the only impatient one here... *I speak lowly into his ear, covering it with the motions of my mouth. I’m so relieved that, this time, we both found this hard to wait for. Very hard to wait for... I grin, moving my hips slowly. Very hard...* Let’s not be patient... *I breathe with little voice. But as soon as our movement has begun to grow, I am stricken with the high-pitched echo of beeping through the house...from the kitchen...and I pause with a frustrated grunt, mid-kiss behind his ear.* Damn it... *The cookies... I sigh, loosening my hands from his jeans, sliding them up his back gently. I suppose he’ll be getting up for that. I sit still watching over his shoulder, waiting for him to hop from my lap and away.*

Billy: *I don’t even hear the buzzer until he’s murmured in my ear, because as far as I’m concerned, he’s the only thing here. But it becomes apparent to me once he’s brought it to my attention, as is his disappointment. Things like this seem to happen at precisely the wrong moment. He’s already moving away from me a bit, giving me room to get up and tend to the kitchen, but in a rare moment of abandon, I move forward to latch onto his ear with my teeth, and I slide a hand down between us, rubbing him through the thick material of his jeans.* Fuck the cookies. *I breathe, the little beep already growing quieter in my ear until I can no longer hear it over our harsh breathing.* I’m not going to move, and I’m not going to be patient, either.

Dom: *I rise to his touch suddenly, with a burst of surprised laughter, quickly covering any memory of the cookies. There is something here that can be ignored even less than that oven, and is tempting to be even more scorching and sweet inside. I slide a kiss down his neck, leaving a loud smack at the end as I pull away. Quickly, without any patience (as he has requested), I move my arms around him tightly and turn him in my arms until the tilt of his body pulls us both tumbling into the cushions of the couch, I, triumphantly, atop him. Before he is able to speak more than a laughing squeak, I cover his mouth with my lips, massaging them happily. Yes... Beautiful thing... I move my head around the side of his at the kiss’s end, caressing his skin, weighting myself down heavily, and press my hips into his upward with a smile.* We’re going to set the house on fire... *I growl into his ear, not actually concerned with the possibility of it. I’m sure the cookies are doomed anyway... The cats can eat them later. I begin to move with Billy’s body again, leaving kisses anywhere my lips can find to put them; soft places...warm and bare places... until they curve with a smile at the inclination of a thought.* We’re going to set the house on fire... *My voice bends softly, hinting into Billy’s ear.* It’ll be pretty bad when that oven lights up, too...
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