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OOC: Takes place on the evening of Saturday February 14th.

Dom: *My mouth opens wetly on his back, voice creaking, hips bucking rampantly, sweat mixing into Billy's, the trough along his spine moist and hot. I feel my stomach prick with a warning, the force driving hard into my erection, pulsing between the walls of Billy's opening. I try to say his name; fuck, I try so hard. But I can't move my lips, I can't breathe. I can feel it happening...the swirling trickling sickly in the pit of me, rubbing against my arousal each time it turns, my length pressing deep, slowly being grasped more tightly with each thrust. A coldness springs up amid the sweltering torrent of my body, growing like a flame behind my groin. My fingers grip down at the crook of his hips and I lift desperately, shoving in, coughing out a broken whimper. I let my tongue dip down to his skin and taste, holding steady there as I can't elsewhere, my hips pounding around the curve of his rump. I lap the taste of him, languid, stiff. And when my erection drives into him, the roughness of his edges sliding against my head as I rise out almost completely and thrust back into the heated shelter of his body, my pulse shivers cold, my aroused skin tingling, my fingers pull deep into his skin and my eyes are forced open to that beaded place of skin between his shoulders, lips caught, deathly still. Burning liquid runs its cycle in me, so fast, my mind screams his name; my voice begins, shattered in the deep places of my throat, and growing. And as the liquid jets down my length, as it bursts forth from me into him, until it echoes off of him and back, flooding me with heat, connecting us with skin and shape and fluid, I can finally let out my cry, long and wretched and wonderful, until my throat runs rough and shuts me for all but gasps. My fingers slacken... My smile begins, lengthening on his back, lapping lightly when I know he's beginning. My hands slide down around his waist, fingers walking gently to the touch of thick hair, finding his heat and burying themselves there. My palms rub down this hard flesh and find his length, wrapping around its base and sliding down toward the bed with a delighted sigh. His body shudders under me, voice crackling somewhere toward the pillows, hips dipping down to the firm cups of my hands. I slide my cheek across his back, whispering.* Almost... come for me... *A squeeze.* ..push...

Billy: *My hips arch up against him, arse pressing hard against his body as I angle to feel that thrust brush against my prostate. I hang, suspended over the brink on a very thin thread as his cry shatters any semblance of silence I might have had in my head and his release positively fills me with the heat that I had already felt pulsing around me. A cry wracks through my chest, miserable in the most pleasant of ways at my current position, and I press my face firmly into the pillows to whimper into their damp comfort. I press my hips further up onto him, knees raising me partly off the mattress, but when his hands find the source of my desperation I thrust down, needy to the point of snapping. His whispers echo somewhere near my ears, pushed to the very back of my conscious mind, and it just takes a few sliding pulls of his skillful hands before I'm coming, spilling myself across his fingers and onto the mattress below me. A shout rips through my body and I press it into the pillow at first before raising my head to bellow it roughly, gratingly to the room, and it isn't until I lift out of the pillows that I realize it's his name. Spent, I fall down against the mattress and press my cheek to the pillows as my breathing slows, mouth undecided between staying open or closed. I feel his face against my back, a delicious slide of stubble against my sweat-slicked skin, and I let out a slow, out-of-breath chuckle as my hand reaches from beneath my chest to tug on of his own out from underneath me and interlace our fingers. Three times since he arrived home barely two hours ago. I've been able to surmise it was a bad day.*

Dom: *I let my breath tumble across his back, slowly drying the salt that lay there. My head lifts with his own inhalations. I smile when he exhales and I again drop on the shrinking of his torso. My hand gives his a pinch, the fingers of my opposite hand still circling delicately in the moist hair at his groin. I lift my head and press a kiss to his shoulder.* Good. *My word slips out from the kiss and I arch my neck instead to nuzzle his skin with my cold nose, filling up, warm, with his scent. A trickle of laughter rises through my throat.* Very good... This is so good... *I'm speaking about the present, though we're at the end of our act. I don't want to think of it in the past. I have a feeling, actually, that this will be happening again soon. I'm already filled with hints of that same initial excitement... This is the most wonderful Valentine's Day of my life. And I've finally forgotten about work; those awful hours of sorting in the mailroom, and deliveries, especially. My Billy has never felt so good. I smile wider, spreading my lips on his skin. We've never done this before. Never so much at once. I love it. I'm not even tired. I want to start again. My heart is so light. I want to hear his voice. I want to speak to him while making love. I want to speak to him right now.* Billy... *I drag out the sound of his name on a happy whimper.* ...I love you... I can't tell you how much, but I do... *I turn my head and kiss his back deeply, speaking against his form, muffled.* Do you love me?

Billy: Dominic Monaghan... *His name ends up in a giggle, drawn out on the giddiness I feel at having him here in such a way, still deep inside me, having him here, in bed, on Valentine's Day. After a lifetime's worth of want crammed entirely into one day, the certain elation I feel at his presence is enough to make me forget that there is anything we could possibly be doing except making love.* ...that is quite possibly the silliest question I have ever heard in my entire life. I don't even know how you could ask me such a thing. I don't love you at all. In fact, I really think you should get up off my back now because really, all this sex is quite unnecessary. *I giggle again, wriggling under his body and bringing our hands up so I may kiss every knuckle of his hand, and then the kidding tone is out of my voice.* Don't you dare move. I'm warning you. If you ever move from this position I don't think I'll be able to forgive you. I love you so much that I think you're going to have to make love to me again in a little while, just to relieve some of that pressure from my heart, because I'm not sure I'll be able to stand it. *I kiss his hand feverishly over and over again, laughing softly. This isn't allowed to happen. I'm too old to be able to go at it like this. Did he slip Viagra in my tea this morning? Or is it just the natural potency of Valentine's Day?*

Dom: Oh, I won't move, I promise... *I smile, watching over his shoulder as he kisses my hand, feeling every little pluck of his lips. My body instinctively cuddles further around him, pushing even deeper into him to feel that mix of us below me. Slowly, I slide my hand out from between his hips and the damp mattress, bending my arms around backward to search for the blankets. When I find them, I take hold and tug them over our bodies. Somehow they must have fallen off; I'd hate for Billy to get cold.* It's getting chilly now. *I grin as the blankets come over my shoulders. I tuck us in as best I can with one hand.* Don't want you getting sick. Not with all the work we've left to do. And I intend to get every ounce of it done because tomorrow I can sleep in until four o'clock, which is another thing I intend to do.

Billy: And what if I want to get you up at three so we can go at it again? Are you going to deny me that pleasure? *I wish I could see his face as he covers me, wish I could kiss him. But I wouldn't relinquish this warmth for anything because right now we are so connected that I think sliding from under him would be more pain than it's worth. I'm silent for a few minutes, smile firmly in place as I caress the back of his hand with my lips, eyes slipping shut against the pillow.* I have a confession to make.

Dom: Mm... *I put a kiss on his shoulder, snuggling under the warming blankets and moving slightly within him. So perfect... My smile grows.* Don't tell me you have another lover please... Someone on the side? I'm too happy to hear it now... *He drags his lips on the back of my hand and I lift a finger, reaching up to brush the very edge of his cheek. I can feel him smiling.*

Billy: Well, besides that...*I give a soft laugh and let go of his hand, pressing it into the pillow as I slide my cheek over it, resting there.* I'd rather not address that issue right now. *I can feel his skin against the side of my lips as I speak. It's too much to not turn slightly to kiss it.* I'm afraid the only thing I got you for Valentine's day is right underneath you. Sorry. *In other situations I'd feel guilty for it, because I really wanted to do something special for him. But right now I find it hard to feel guilty about anything.*

Dom: *My stomach bounces on his back; I lift my head to laugh lightly, glad that he's saving the news of his secret lover for another time. I lift my free hand and circle it up to the shape of his ear, then brush it over the hair on his head, soft and moist on the edges near his forehead. I laugh a little more, then more, and finally bury kisses on his skin, realising, suddenly, that this is the second romantic occasion I've forgotten so far.* All right... The only thing I got you is right on top of you. *I nuzzle up to him, pressing my legs down aside his beneath the covers, guarding him on all sides.* We're even...

Billy: Ha. *I press up slightly beneath him, feeling some of the strength return to my limbs gradually.* That's entirely a matter of opinion. *I'm glad we're on the same wavelength as far as romantic holidays go, though.* You know love, as much as I hate to hear you've had a bad day at work, I can't say I'm sorry about how you take it out on me.

Dom: *I giggle onto his skin and sigh.* I'm not too rough then? *Propping my chin up on his shoulder, I can almost see him smile against the pillows above. I stroke over his eyebrow with my thumb, my hand still resting at his forehead.* I'll admit, I was thinking about this since around...quarter to seven when I walked out of this house this morning, so it was kind of hard to stop myself once I saw you again. Did I hurt you at the door? You weren't up against the doorknob were you? *I didn't think to check for any bruises before I toppled over him into bed. I was still too enamored with the idea of our bodies against that door, clothes around our feet. I wanted so badly to try it again in another place. I hope I'm not hurting him now just by lying on him.*

Billy: No, no, no, I wasn't. The only bruises left were the good kinds. *The kinds I hope I still have in a few days, so while I'm at home on Tuesday, the day after President's Day, all by myself, I can feel them stretch tenderly across my skin and smile at the memory.* I think I heard the door knocker rapping away outside, though. The door may not have come off so lightly. *I giggle, feeling it reverberate against the mattress and back through my own body, springing up into his.*

Dom: Well, I'll apologise to the door in the morning. *The tremor of his giggles also makes me laugh, and I watch until his eyes close gently, then kiss his back in numerous places. I linger in one spot, his giggles slowing finally, and I adjust my cheek to his skin with a broad smile. Taking my hand down, dragging it down the bend of his neck, I curl it as it reaches my body and tuck it under my stomach. My fingers crawl to my navel, just at the very small of his back, and massage there tenderly under my weight.* How was I? *I speak softly, lowly.* Just now?...

Billy: *He knows what that does to me, damn him. I should never have told him all my tender bits. It makes it too easy. I should have made him find out on his own. But he would have figured it out quickly, the way his hands seek to crawl across my body whenever they have the chance. I give a languid moan, eyes shut with a smile. It's not just his hands, either. It's his voice in my ear, drawing up all sorts of pleasant thoughts.* You know perfectly well how you were. But I suppose you want to hear me say it, don't you? *My fingers flex into the pillow above my head, the soft massage affecting my entire body, every muscle contracting and relaxing.* You were amazing. Bloody brilliant. Dominic Monaghan: Sex god of the British Isles.

Dom: *My voice squeaks with a laugh. He surprises me every time I ask that question. I'm amazed that there could be so many answers for it. This one, however, has to be one of the best. I slide my thighs against his, beginning again to feel that sweetness in my stomach. My smile bends and I take my hand, once held in his, and let it stroke down the length of his forearm, now tensing, very tightly, over the warm pillows.* I'm glad you liked it... *I lean my mouth on his shoulder blade and mumble into a kiss.* But, you know...the sex never turns out quite as well unless you have a fine arse to do it in. *Curling my legs, I lock my ankles behind his heels.* And you...have one fine arse.

Billy: *I think my answer pleased him, judging by the laugh he gave. Though it is only the truth.* Why thank you. *I laugh in response, pushing back up against him again, this time a bit more forcefully, just to emphasize the quality of said arse.* Personally, I'm just glad it's put to good use.

Dom: Mm... *My face dips between his shoulders, covering some of the heat of my skin as he beckons back up to me. Good use, indeed. I bring my hand from his forearm and push my fingers to my lips, then delve my hand under my own hips, pressing the kiss to his rump, adding a tiny thrust with a smile.* If I had my way, your arse would have only one use.

Billy: I take it that use is not sitting, then. *I reply a little huskily, the temperature of our proximity rising a tiny bit. And it's not the only thing rising. I smile and hum, wishing I could push down into the mattress and press back against him at the same time. Guess the only way that will be achieved as if he starts pressing against me.* Sitting is highly overrated, anyway.

Dom: *He seems to wriggle below me, only slightly noticeable, really, but I feel proud to have a sort of sixth sense when it comes to Billy's need. I place my lips on his skin and rest them there, waiting moments, moments, until I lift them with a soft sound and a knowing smile.* Hush... *I blow a cool breath over his back, steadily increasing the weight of my hips.* Sitting is very overrated... *I whisper, enjoying this new game.* After all, it only goes one way... *Before a chuckle can rise in my throat, I rub my lips on his shoulder and rock forward, firmly and leisurely, humming the beginnings of a new thought.* That reminds me... I was wondering, today, as I was thinking of making love to you for probably the thousandth time, which way you prefer, really... Is it from the front? *My hand pressed to his rump finds its way over the edge of his thigh, rubbing closer and closer to his front, feeling heat on the tips of my fingers.* Or...from the back? *My hand at the small of his back dips its fingers up and down on the tender skin, squeezing a part just above his rump as I lift myself slightly, and roll my hips down again, very gently. The energy in my stomach drips, released by some trigger in Billy's voice and softness, and seeps between my legs. It fills my groin to the point of arousal; fills it stiffly, long. He presses on all sides of me again, and I don't know whether it's my fault or his. Well, it's not a 'fault' really... It feels so good... My smile drifts hazily for a moment, but I quickly catch the sense to stop my hips on him, before the throbbing grows thick within him and he quietly understands. I stifle a small moan, then wait for his answer, releasing my sound in a sigh.*

Billy: Oh... *I sigh audibly, unable to stop myself from pushing back against him again, rocking him in deeper and feeling his response. I grin and flutter my eyes open against the pillow.* I'm not sure how much thought I've given to the subject, really. *That's a lie. I've given plenty of thought to the subject. I'm just not sure I've come up with a preference.* I think I like it whichever way will happen soonest.

Dom: *I chuckle a little, pressing my cheek against his warming skin, feeling it as though he is blushing all over. I finally take my hand from between our bodies and move it around the ridge of his hips, my stomach coming against the warm place it left behind. Fingers slide carefully between his legs, finding the shape of his new arousal and exploring it slowly.* Let me show you... *I send my voice trailing off on my lips, their curves traveling the firmness of his muscles as his back arches. I push my hips down on his rump, bending around it, allowing my length to slip easily within his opening. I've filled him so many times this evening; each time I enter him, it takes a little less effort. My own fluid softens his body. When I lift my arousal from him, I can feel the faint stickiness of his skin on mine. And I intend to cover him with sweat again, his and my own. And I intend to fill him again. And I intend to keep going until our bodies won't rise. I let cool breath whisper on his bare shoulder, blowing softly as I dip down again.*

Billy: *A shudder passes through me as he begins to move again, my breath exhaling in a half-formed gasp as I press my hips up again. As soon as we have control again, I decide, we'll find the answer to that question together. As soon as we've made love again, I'll push him over and have him again, in as many different ways as we can think of, until neither of us have the energy or the will to go on. As soon as... but for right now, that doesn't matter, because our skin meets, his body and breath covers my back, and I can feel him pulsing inside me. And that's all the important parts at the moment. I make a contented sound and let my body follow his, happy in the knowledge that this won't end here, that we won't get up until we've erased every trace of everything except for this bed, this movement, and the two of us.*

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