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OOC: Takes place on Friday afternoon.

Billy: *The last of the students have left, and it’s just me in the classroom, and, it sounds like practically in the whole building. It is Friday, after all, and the school never empties out so quickly as right before a weekend. I finish shuffling papers off my desk and into my shoulder bag, getting ready to turn off the lights and lock up for the weekend. Now that Dom’s started leaving late in the mornings and coming home early in the afternoons, he’s taken to dropping me off and picking me up from school, which gives me a reason to smile every morning before work. Usually I go out to meet him in the parking lot every afternoon after I’ve finished up. I finish packing my bag and head over to the door, flipping the light switch off before opening the door.* Oh! *I nearly drop my bag when I see who’s standing there.*

Dom: *I grin as Billy opens the door to his dark classroom, revealing himself in his own sort of light, an astonished smile opened sweetly on his lips.* Hello, Bills. *I lean in and kiss him on the cheek, knowing well that Bill will be glancing every direction behind me to be sure no one’s watching. Pulling back, I take his hands in mine and admire him, eyes crinkling with my smile. I’m glad I get to see him right after school now. I hated thinking of him home alone, when I had to work about three hours longer. These are certainly the most convenient circumstances. My grin lengthens a bit deviously and I try to hide it with little success.* Can I come in? *I ask Billy curiously, peering past him into the dark classroom, wondering exactly what sorts of cozy, little kid-like things are inside, and also, as an afterthought, how long I’ll be able to keep Billy thinking that I’m simply curious.*

Billy: *I don’t know why he didn’t wait for me in the car like usual, but I step aside from the door with a laugh.* Course you can. *I tug him in the classroom and shut the door behind him. I suppose it’s only natural for him to want to see where I spend my days. After all, I’ve been in the post office before. I flip on the light again and take a few steps back into the classroom, dropping my bag near my desk. I figure he’ll probably want to look around a bit. I stretch and walk over behind him, dropping a short kiss to the back of his neck.* How was your day, love?

Dom: *I smile when my skin tickles at the place of his kiss, looking around the room with wondering expectation. The whole place looks so... little kiddish. It's so sweet. My stomach flips when I see the scribbly decorations hanging from the ceiling, posted to the windows. Suns, moons, planets, stars... My grin widens. There are cubbies on the back wall, short coat hangers, lunch bin slots. There's a corner, bean bag chairs and pillows about it, for reading in adorable circles (books, of course, sprinkling a shelf with color just to the side). I look across the little desks, each neat and tidy and adorned with a large printed nametag, to the blackboard, biting back ecstatic giggles when I see Billy's handwriting scrawled out in the white dusty chalk markings of the English alphabet. My shoulders rise to my ears and suddenly there comes an excited noise from the center of my body, reaching its vibrations out into the open, and I grasp behind to awkwardly sling my arms around Billy's waist to hold steady.* I love this!! Look at how darling that is! *I bounce, looking around and catching sight of Billy's desk, pencils lined up neatly in front, a red wooden apple figure at the corner, papers strewn about. Unable to help myself, I let loose of Billy's sides and rush to investigate his things. I grin brightly, holding up a paperclip and, to my great enjoyment, unfurling a long chain of paperclips after it. I look to Billy with glee.* You get to work here every day?!

Billy: *Perhaps Dom would fit in here, after all. I unleash my grin on him, delighted at his reactions, and I move to my desk to begin straightening some of my mess, while I’m here.* Five days a week, aye. *I confirm with a nod, slipping some of the writing worksheets my students did today into a bright yellow folder. I suppose it does seem a bit of a playground... if you go to the other end of the school, where the high-schoolers spend their days, it’s another world entirely. But right here it’s different, a world where, for a few hours every day, I don’t have to be a complete grown up all the time. Just during times of injury and when I really need to hammer a lesson home. But on most occasions, the children seem to learn better from someone acting like a big kid than from an adult. I look up from my sorting, smiling to see Dom still so entranced in the minutiae of my classroom, and I slip off my coat, draping it over the back of my chair. From the look of enthrallment on his face, we may be here awhile.*

Dom: *I set down the chain of paperclips, straightening the pile neatly on Billy's desk, so as not to mess it. My grin turns away to another item, though, as soon as I've set the chain down, and I reach for a small picture propped up at the side of the desk - something done with crayons in heartfelt scribbles, coming together to form the picture of a little girl standing in a field of sparse flowers. I read some of the - at times backwards - print at the top of the page.* "your the best teacher; to: mr. Boyd, From: StePhanie" *My smile unwinds across my face, and I turn to Bill, showing him the paper in my hand.* She knows her stuff. You must be a good teacher, then. *I set the picture carefully back in its place, giving it another good look-over before returning my attention to the room... and then back to Billy. He must love it here. I would love it here. I don't have much company at the post office. And the company I do have has no imagination. And certainly doesn't draw me beautiful pictures. I watch Billy's smile slowly grow as he looks to various corners of his little room. It's that quaint smile that paints his lips. It draws me in, and I can't move my eyes from him. That smile shouldn't be wasted.* I'll bet you're incredible with children... Tending to bumps and bruises... *My eyes bend happily when Billy again glances my way. Though, I try to act innocent, as my voice bends for my next question.* Do you like kids, Bill?

Billy: *Surprised, I look up. I had become engrossed in his attachment, taking this opportunity to notice the little details I tend to simply gloss over day by day. But his question brings me back to the present.* Of course I do! *I exclaim with a little laugh. Seems like a pretty elementary question to me.* I wouldn’t be doing this job if I didn’t. They have all the more charming qualities of human beings without the nastiness and bitterness that living life for an extended period of time often brings. I wish we could avoid that part of growing up. *Maybe that’s why I don’t think I’ll ever be able to teach any grade higher than first. My fingers trail over the corner of the drawing Dom’s just examined – I really should give this one an honourary place on the fridge – before tipping my glance up to meet Dom’s with a smile.* Do you like kids, Dom?

Dom: I like them. *I smile, looking up at Billy from Stephanie's drawing again. I nod and look around the room at the tiny desks.* Yeh, I like kids. I don't get to spend much time with them. We never really had any in my family, other than my brother and I, and I've never really had many friends with small children. *I give a sympathetic smirk and a shrug...wondering if I should have brought it up...because I know where this will all lead me. I hesitate for a moment, just looking over Billy's desk. I wonder if it's too soon for me to even be thinking about Billy...and children... He could assume that I mean...we ...I don't know. Maybe that's not what I'm thinking. Not really. I've been with Billy for just over a month. The corner of my mouth lifts a bit. ...I already love him so much... I glance at Billy standing patiently beside me, taking in the thought that he looks a little worn out from the day. His smile is worn...eyes tired... But for some reason he's still lovelier than he was this morning when I dropped him off. I clear my throat silently, unable to help it when I glance away.* Would you ever... like to have kids?

Billy: Me, personally? *I can’t say the thought hasn’t crossed my mind. Can’t help it when you’re a man rapidly approaching middle age with no family to speak of and who spends every day with twenty-five six year olds.* I’ve thought about it, yeah. Definitely considered it. It certainly would be a change; having one to call my own instead of twenty some that are mine for part of the day. *Of course, being that my last two serious relationships were with men (counting Dom, of course), the chances are slightly slimmer. Still, it’s always a possibility... I smile and approach Dom, reaching searching fingers out to touch his hand lightly. What’s gotten into his pretty little head?* How about you? *I ask softly, smile persisting softly.*

Dom: *I watch him, wrapping my hands around his, and shrug out of nervousness. I know, really, I'm tickled by the idea. Though I'm not sure that Billy has the same ideas that I'm having... After all, my ideas are coming pretty quickly considering the length of our relationship. I intertwine our fingers and try to push the thoughts from my mind, though my intolerable grin still hints of them.* I would like to have kids someday... I don't know when. Someday. I'm not sure I would be the best role model anyway. *I laugh lightly, imagining the many ways my kids could possibly turn out.* I don't even make my bed... *I add softly, glancing away, blushing, when it feels Billy is catching on to my mood, willing to play along. He's so incredibly attractive when he plays. He paws at just the right places, leading me on chases to win him for me, as though he doesn't already want me. We both know we want each other. I think, maybe, we both know what I'm talking about now, too, with kids...with us... But let's not mention it just yet.* You would have kids that make their beds. *I smile at him shyly.*

Billy: I certainly would... I’d just have to make sure you didn’t get to them first and teach them bad habits. *I tease lightly, leaning in to brush my lips across his briefly. If there were ever even a remote possibility of children in my future, it would be with Dom, I know for certain. Because he’s the only one I could ever even imagine going down that road with. Still, that’s a long way off for even thinking about.* Which one of us would be the mummy, Dom? Which one the daddy?

Dom: *Holy shite, he's said it... He does know... He must be able to read my mind, looking through all of my premature thoughts, picking out the ones that make me blush the brightest and then bringing them all out loud. I didn't think he'd assume so soon (at least, not as soon as I did) that we... we could together. Holy shite... I begin to tremble excitedly. This is perfect. A bright smile shoots across my lips, and I don't even look away when I feel my cheeks growing hot. I want to have kids with him. I do, I do, oh, I do... Little babies to cradle and coddle and spoil... I want them to look like him and me. But mostly him. With little green eyes, cute little dimpled lips... oh, he's probably reading my mind right now... He knows everything. I should stop thinking, already, and stop shaking so much over this. Just...act casual about it. Could he be teasing? ...No... No, he couldn't. I mean... he's the one I want. He knows I love him. I only want to stay with him always and have kids with him. Or maybe just one. At least one.* The daddy? *I squeak, then swallow and try again.* The daddy...I think would... be me. *Oh, hell, I can't quit beaming.* I'm know... crude... irresponsible... dirty... Too rough. I'm not pretty enough to be a mummy... I'd be an awful example... wouldn't give them chores, you know... *I toss a blushing glance at him.* You're a sweetheart... You care for little things... You wash dishes the right way...

Billy: *I think I’ve hit upon a weakness here, judging by the way his cheeks color attractively and his fingers move almost nervously in mine. Of all the questions I’ve asked him, this one has never come up, but I see now that it should have. Children... the idea of Dom bouncing a smiling baby in his arms, cooing over the child, our child... I don’t even know why I’m on this train of thought. It’s far too early on in life to be thinking about these things. Still, since they’re so far away in the distance, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to indulge in these ideas without even contemplating the practicalities. I almost forget to speak, so taken with his absolute grin I am. Damn it, when he lights up like this I can’t deny him anything... If he asked me to grow ovaries and a uterus and carry his child right now, I’d give it my best shot. For him.* Are you implying I’m womanly, Dominic? *I ask, biting back a grin, squeezing his fingers tightly.* That I should take maternity leave when our child is born? *I drop his hands and wrap my arms around his waist, tugging him closer to me and dipping my head to whisper into his ear.* If and when the day comes, I would be proud to be the mother of your children, love.

Dom: *That little excited noise starts up inside of me again, and I can't remember a time when smiling hurt so much (and in such a wonderful way). My arms shake as they reach out to Billy and suddenly I am against him, hugging him as tightly as I can and rocking him in my arms with undeniable joy. I laugh and press a quick, smiling kiss into his hair. Children! Our children! 'If and when the day comes'... What does that mean? My mind races at five thousand miles an hour, but I'm beaming despite it. I know what he means. I know what he means, but I'm too excited to focus on what he means. All I know is the sweet picture in my head...Billy and I...and a baby. I already want to hold it. I want to see its lovely green eyes (they will be green) looking up at me. I want to sing it to sleep and hear its sweet, little voice, even if it cries every so often. I just want it. I want a little part of both Billy and I mixed together, so I can see it and hold it. I step closer to Billy's body and nuzzle down his throat, laughing lightly and kissing here and there and all over until I begin to miss the sight of his face. Then I lean back with a happy sigh and gaze at Billy lovingly, eyes crinkling with a grin when I hear his quiet laughter.* Boy or girl? *I ask with anticipation. If I'm to be the father, I suppose I should know what to aim for. Anyway, I want to hear him say it. No matter what his answer is, I'm sure it will be the most adorable thing I've ever heard. Goosebumps rise on my arms as I wait, simply looking at him. I feel like falling over. And, amid everything, all of this excitement is making me feel rather aroused. I mean, if we really want a baby (which I... really... do) shouldn't we be getting started? Oh, fuck, he's looking more beautiful by the second... Maybe if I tried hard enough, I could get him pregnant? Or is it a matter of where I try? And in what amounts? I shift my weight from foot to foot anxiously.*

Billy: *Ah, there’s the question, of course. It is a rather important one. I’m not sure how to answer it, really. There are merits to both genders, and I can imagine either a daughter or a son fitting in with our little family. If – no, when – we make it that far.* Hmmm. *I ponder, smiling sweetly at Dom and tipping my head to the side, thinking.* Either, as long as it’s healthy and looks like you. *I decide finally, nodding in satisfaction. It’s only too bad it couldn’t look like both of us. Damn those medical impossibilities. I press my fingers into his back gently, cocking my head and considering him with interest. The father of my children. I smile softly.* Which would you prefer?

Dom: *Damn, he's good at these questions. Blush runs over my cheeks, across my nose, and I look at him with utter adoration. Bugger, I'm horny, too. But I don't want to go home yet... This is so much fun. I fidget my hands on Billy's back, receiving a few questioning smiles, which keep me distracted for a while. ...I can't decide what kind of baby I'd like. That is, boy or girl... I wonder how it might look like Billy if it were a girl. Should I say boy, then? I like boys. Well, hell, of course. But then, there's something about braiding hair and playing tea party that is unavoidably charming. Same goes for the phrase "daddy's little girl." I grin proudly, even now, just thinking of it. A much better title than "mamma's boy." Still, I can't quite decide...not yet. Maybe, when the time comes, I'll have it figured out... When the time comes... I tilt my head with a tickled grin, then turn my eyes to Billy and speak.* Either, as long as it's healthy and looks like you.

Billy: *Laughter tickles at the back of my throat and I let it out, pulling Dom closer again and resting my lips against his cheek.* Well, we agree on one aspect at least. We’ll just have to see about the rest. *And someday we would. But as for right now, I just want to get home, rest up for a bit with some dinner and maybe a movie, and then later tonight pretend to be oblivious to our natural shortcomings and try for a baby anyway. I pull away from Dom slowly and let go of him, grabbing my coat and backing away from the desk. It’s time to go home. I pick up my bag and sling it over my shoulder and my coat over my arm and cross to the door.* Come on then, let’s go home. Work is over for the weekend.

Dom: *Though I'm glad to hear it, I still don't want to go home. At all. And as I look at Billy, walking away, seemingly without a hint of recall for our most recent conversation, he is so grateful to leave, my heart thumps. I don't think I could make it out that door. I don't think I could make it to the car. I don't think Billy quite realises how much I want to... I want to remind him, with excruciating punctuation, of each word we have just exchanged. I want him to have my baby. I want to make that very clear. And if taking him hard, right here, will achieve anything that I hope for...then I am wasting too much bloody time just standing around. I walk quickly to his side and take his hand, before it is able to touch the doorknob, and try to act reasonable about this.* Billy... I, uh... Let's not go yet... *All right, so fuck reason... But I'm throbbing, and nervous, and I have to have something now before I'm too hard to walk. I think he'll understand... I mean, he gets horny at work... Right? There's nothing wrong with that.*

Billy: *I shoot Dom an inquisitive glance... why does he want to hang around here? The chairs are small and uncomfortable and there’s nothing to do, unless he’s interested in me reading him a ten page picture book. But I suppose he’s still captivated by the room, by the idea that someday one of our own might be running around in here, drawing his or her own crayon sketches to hang at home in the most honorable place on our refrigerator. Perhaps he’s afraid I’ve been joking and that by leaving we’ll break the spell and forget about it. I won’t though. It just isn’t time yet to think about it. I smile reassuringly at him and squeeze his hand before releasing it to flick off the light.* Come on Dommie, it’s been a long week and I want to take you home.

Dom: *Now I'm even more nervous. I can't go home. He can't go home. We have to stay here and ...well, at least talk about kids some more... Maybe he'll feel the same as I do after a little while longer. Then I won't feel so guilty for wanting to push him up against a wall just now. I mean...he's my little, lovely Billy... He isn't meant to be pushed up against he?* Bill... *I take his hands and beckon him to face me, to distract him a little longer. It's so dark now... The room is very dark. The only light glows milky through the windows on the other side of the room, and all of Billy that I can see very clearly are his eyes. I tip my head shyly, wondering what I'll have to say to make him understand what I'm going through. I press my thumbs up his fingers.* Let's stay... *Damn. This isn't going to work. I can't think anymore. It's right about at that point...between reason and action. I'm just holding on to my last sensible thoughts. I hope, in some way, Billy can feel those pulses of want radiating from my body. Just to prepare him, in case I lose my thoughts completely. Not that he'd be surprised.*

Billy: *I’m slightly concerned now. Even in the darkness I can see the urgency in his eyes. What is it that’s got to him?* Dom, what is it? Why don’t you want to go home? *I thread my fingers in and out of his unconsciously, licking my lips. Should I be concerned? I mean, it’s a simple request, to want to go home. Doesn’t seem like it should be that much of an issue. But something’s anchoring Dom here, and I wish he would let me know what it is. He hasn’t knocked down my house as well, has he? I look at him expectantly, wanting an answer of some sorts.*

Dom: I just... I can't... *I tug at his fingers uncertainly, glancing into the dark room. I wonder if there's any place to... No, no, no, I can't be thinking this. I should just go home with him, and then we'll have something to eat...and then he'll want to read...or something...and about six hours... Shite, that's a long time. Is he expecting me to wait six hours? I don't... I begin to shake my head subconsciously. No, no, no! Dom, stop doing this... You don't want sex... You should have never mentioned kids, and having them...with Billy... This is wrong... Right? Holy shite... My eyes pinch closed, my arousal growing with a sharp pang... My body edges forward suddenly into Billy's, our hips connecting snugly, and my hands leap to his waist to hold us here. I don't want to look... I don't want to open my eyes and see a frown on Billy's face or the desire to get away. I wouldn't be able to let him go now. I duck my face and step even closer, rubbing us together with faint pressure... Hell... that's lovely...*

Billy: *It doesn’t take those little noises he’s making to inform me what’s running through his mind (and body), not with the sudden heat and pressure nudging against me, but it certainly does help illustrate the point. My eyes fly open and I press a hand on his back, just underneath his neck to hold him steady for a few moments of self indulgence. And then I pull back slightly, though not far, not with his hands anchored to my waist like that. Just enough to look at his face.* Dom? *I ask with a faint trace of surprise. This would be better served at home. I can’t believe he’s here, horny, in my classroom. Of course, that thought sends other messages to my mind...*

Dom: *I breathe harshly away from his face, too far gone to be mad at myself for any of my actions. But my face is still strained; I can feel it at my temples, around my mouth. I will my eyes open, against my frustration to fight myself off, and stare into the shadows over Billy's shoulder. I can feel the pulses in my jeans; my breath tastes hot, so I breathe through my nose instead. But that doesn't slow any of this down.* I want... *What else do I say? That's all there is... Deep, rough, tortured want... I want. I want him. My hands press hard at his sides, slowly sliding around the back of him, curving under the shape of his rump. Our bodies nudge on one another. My breath hitches, then releases, my hard bulge becoming gratefully accustomed to the warm furrow between his legs. I lean my head beside his.* I want...

Billy: *I will not allow myself to respond to this. I can’t. Not here. This is the last place on Earth that I should be thinking of doing something like this. But it isn’t really a matter of thought. It doesn’t take a whole lot of thinking to feel the blood coursing quickly through my veins, to feel the heat bloody radiating off Dom in steady pulses guaranteed to turn my mind to dirty thoughts in an instant. I wonder if there’s a specific chemical composition to Dom that does this to me, a catalyst to start every pleasurable reaction in my body. Damn it, I’ve got to fight it before I think about it anymore.* Dom... *I whisper as near to his ear as I dare. I can’t get too close. Not now.* We can’t do this here. I just can’t.

Dom: Yes... *I press my fingers urgently into Billy's jeans, forehead meeting his as he responds, his voice still echoing in my ears. The tone is hopeful. The pitch is breathless. I want him. I want to make him breathless. I rub my head next to his, and around, feeling his soft hair on my skin. My heart is thudding in my chest. Some kind of scent Billy has when we're getting physical. So thick I can put it on my tongue and let it melt.* Yes you can... *I breathe, shuddering the hairs on his head, so tempted to bring my lips around his delicate ear and taste its caverns and curves. Sweet inhalations fill me coolly, and they wouldn't be near as cool if my body wasn't on fire. I let my tongue stumble out on my dry lip, putting a soft sound in Billy's ear to hide the rustle of our bodies pressing closer. My arousal beats on his groin, and at last I feel a response. I know he doesn't want it... But he could have it... I'll show him it's okay. My hips bend, arching my hardness up into the crook of his jeans, holding firmly, hands pulling him steadily tighter against me, until he replies.*

Billy: No. *The choked-out word is more of groan than an actual response, and I know it’s going to have the exact opposite effect than what I want it to do. Well, that and I’m pressing closer to him, even though my mind is clearly telling me to back away slowly and not encourage this more than I already have. Stop this now.* We can’t Dom. Not here. People are still here. *Not many, I know, but enough to make this really, really risky.*

Dom: *My hand reaches to the door and turns the little lock with a tiny click. That wasn't so hard... I hush exhalations over the shell of Billy's ear, hand returning to stroke his rump slowly, arousal still pressing hard into his crotch. A smile tugs on my mouth when I feel it...the pressure growing against my hardness; the knowledge that we're both alone in the dark; no one will find us; we're touching in the shadows. A thrill runs up my back and tingles behind my head, right at my neck. My neck... I want Billy to touch my neck. I want his lips leaving burning marks there. Lifting my head, I'm able to press the side of my throat to Billy's warm skin, caressing myself with the edge of his jaw. Fingers slowly climb up jeans pockets, tucking themselves under, delving deep into the warm caverns and grasping round forms there in their hiding places. My arousal pulses, pressed between Billy's inner thighs, sheltered there as I lift and fall in pace. The pulse sends vibration into the pit of my stomach, the deepest corners, melting moisture in my mouth; a small noise starts in my chest, quietly stretching, expanding into my throat, moaning softly through my lips. It's so pure now... When is that moment I'm expecting... When everything turns dirty and desperate... When Billy is the kind of lovely thing you push up against walls...*
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