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OOC: Takes place on Friday afternoon.

Billy: *The click of the door instantly sends a shoot of panic settling into my stomach in the form of a cold lump, but Dom quickly melts that away. It’s replaced by the burning core that settles there whenever Dom touches me in any way, shape, or form.* Dom... *I gasp, letting my coat slip from my arm as I bring my fingers up to rest against his neck.* Dom... there are janitors... with keys... *It’s a weak protest and I know it, and Dom probably knows it as well. The janitors don’t come until late evening, after everyone is gone. But it’s my last attempt to justify stopping this.*

Dom: *I step closer, and Billy's body jolts as we stop against the door. Something to brace him for me... My knuckles are pressing on the hard surface through his pockets, so I move my hands away, only to slide them more anxiously up and down his sides, trying my best to be careful. But I can't be very careful. His hands on my throat are so hot; I move my head along his warm cheek, catching his rough breath at my ear. And my lips move without purpose, seeking him, and then stilling again, then only trying to remember to breathe. I dig my arousal down his groin. And then I can't move. The steely electric pulse of my need circles, trying to regain its consciousness; trying to wrap itself around the shape forming in Billy's jeans. My muscles twinge. My hands grip steadily on his ribs. It's going to happen... My body is reaching a tension like paper about to be torn in half. I will be split in two, my pieces taking cover in Billy's body, moving. A sound in my throat scratches outward in strain. My hands feel him breathe. The air is about to break... Oh, shite, it's about to... I can almost feel the edges of his relieving cry. I can almost feel his lips igniting my skin. My hands shake at his sides, expanding... collapsing... In and out... In and out... Shite... oh, shite... in and out...*

Billy: Dominic... *I don’t know if he can hear me, not over my harsh breathing that, to me, says his name with every exhalation. Not only that, but I’m not sure he’s still listening at this point. I shouldn’t be touching him. I should push him away and pull him out to the car, making him wait until we get home... or perhaps even longer, for punishment for this little escapade. But my hands don’t respond to reason any more and they trace patterns on his neck, something I know will just dig us further into this situation.* Dominic... *I open my legs wider, curling a foot around behind his ankle to bring him closer, grunting as my efforts bring his groin in rough, jolting contact with mine once again. My bag is still heavy on my shoulder and I want to drop it, but doing so would acknowledge that this is going on here and is likely to continue going on until we make an end of it. And how will we find that end? I breathe sharply near his ear, hearing his own breath gasping in echo near my own, and my lips brush hesitantly (accidentally, I’d love to be able to say) against the gentle curve as I speak.* What are you doing to me?

Dom: *I try to swallow, my throat dry from panting, and my lips come open at cup of his ear. His soft right there...and I can almost touch it... My tongue appears lightly over my bottom lip, the tip brushing upon Billy's earlobe. Instant taste circles through my mouth; through all of my senses. His taste... He tastes...* ...lovely... *My lips connect with his ear and rush there, in circles, taking in as much of him as I can every moment, breathing heavily in the channel above his earlobe, promising never to leave again. I can't remember if he's spoken to me. I recall the sound of his beautiful voice in my ear, but if there had been any shape to it, I have lost it. I rock my hips into the place he has opened for me, just between his legs, fitting perfectly with him, feeling response with every push. Yes... My teeth press gently into his earlobe and nibble lightly, traveling up the shell of his ear. My hands move upward as well, wrinkling his shirt between my fingers, catching a faint touch of skin on my wrists. I feel his torso bend in my hands and my eyes glance hazily downward, mouth still working on him, just where he can hear it best. I see his bag still hanging heavily on his shoulder, and in his state, he's hardly able to stand at all, let alone under this weight. Softly, my hand moves to the strap tightly weighted to his tilting body, and I tuck my fingers underneath it to relieve the pressure. But in my mouth... Oh, he tastes so good... I sigh, forgetting for a moment... Focusing fully on the delicacy of his skin... though the pressure of the strap over my fingers remains. I can hardly think of how to get rid of the shoulder bag at all anymore... Soon my hand moves, by some instinct of removing coverings from warm bodies, and the bag slips from Billy's shoulder, pounding onto the ground beside us. I bring my hips into his again, eyes closing with satisfaction, and continue to work his ear contentedly between my lips.*

Billy: *My shoulder rises from the relieved pressure, feeling surging through again, and the sudden freedom incenses me. I’m no closer to leaving than I was ten minutes ago, and now I’m not sure I want to leave after all. My ear... he’s got me twisted, responding like a puppet to his lips and tongue and teeth on my ear. I let out a long, low moan, despite the advice of my better judgment. It’s not something I’m sure I can control anymore. I just... need... The leg I’ve brought behind his rises, and I find it wrapping tightly behind him. I wonder how high I could get it... but that doesn’t matter, because it has given me a better angle to grind against him, shoving my groin roughly against his to gain not just friction but hot, searing pressure. My head comes in sharp contact with the door as I let it slump back with another moan.*

Dom: Ah- *He’s trapped me; entranced me. It isn’t fair that he should be able to take control when I have him against a door. But as he does so, I smile and take more of his ear between my lips. I feel the distinct shape of his erection rubbing hard into my groin. He holds me in place for his pressure, forcing me to hold his arousal as it moves in the crotch of my pants. My hands push up along his ribs in time with his thrusts, until in one moment, as he drives into me, I grind back. I shudder; stiffen. We collide with hot gasps, shocked from our lips. And the sound that he makes... That sound... It skitters around the cup of my ear, tickling it with pleasure. My hands grip his shirt. I want him... Make that sound... Make it again... Come on... I can’t feel his skin. I can’t hear him cry in the broken, pleading way he does when I enter him roughly. I can’t hear his moan run through my chest. My body whimpers, fingers tightening on his shirt. I want him... And the stillness breaks; he grinds once again. Something snaps.* ...fuck- *I grasp the cloth of his shirt and pull him up from the door in one motion, letting his hardness hit mine. With one last urging thrust, I turn my arms and move Billy’s body, twisting him toward his desk, grunting as I push him against its edge. I grind his rump, lowering myself on top of him and gripping his waist; cry scratching at my throat, hardness rubbing desperately at a sweet spot... Yes...yes, yes, yes, fuck, yes- I can’t wait anymore... I shove Billy heavily onto the desk’s surface, pounding hard with my arousal repeatedly as my legs strain to lift us forward. Grinding him, working my thrusts with gravity, driving everything downward to Billy’s satiating shape, I finally hear the first small whimpers of those excruciating sounds.* Yes... *I growl between my teeth, pushing even harder.* Fuck-...yes-

Billy: *Oh, shite, that had not been quite the reaction I intended. He slams me into the desk, and the first sensation I feel is my groin coming in contact with the edge of the desk, and I yelp. The second sensation I feel is his grinding against my backside, and that erases any pain I might have felt from crashing into the desk.* Oh, fuck, Dom, no, don’t - *I’m rambling, and I can’t even tell what I’m saying. Moreover, I can’t tell why I’m saying it, why I might still be protesting at this point. Contradicting my words, I push back against him roughly, thrusting back with my hips to feel him, hard, so incredibly hard. And then I notice the third sensation, which is a bit of fiery pain against my cheek and the gradual seeping warmth of liquid. Blood. Through my dim senses I see the tape dispenser next to my face, directly where my cheek had landed only seconds before. Once again, I am reminded of the fact that this is my school desk. I reach out my arms and push as much off my supplies off of the surface, papers and pencils alike flying off the desk and to the ground. If we are to do this, I want to leave as little trace of it as possible. My hands reach around behind me to find his hips, gripping them and pulling him flush against me.* Fuck, Dom, c’mon... *I grunt, straining against him. He’s got me this far.*

Dom: *I grin, pressing my face down to his back. So, he wants it now... He wants it... My hands fumble around his waist to the front of his pants, pressing in different spots on the hard spine of his zipper. Our bodies shake against the desk, it’s hard to direct my fingers, slipping under the cloth of the zipper and finding the tab, gripping it with as much strength as I can and nudging it down, tooth by tooth as I thrust. His fingers squeeze on my hips, tempting toward my rump. I grunt and hold a thrust against him, shaking, then letting down again with a satisfied sigh. My hands are finally able to undo the fastenings of his pants as our bodies come loose and I wrap my fingers into the opening at his crotch, pushing my knuckles on his hardness. I pull my index finger up along the threads of his underwear, tracing the firm length of his arousal, pressing as I stroke slowly, up and down, up...soft, and down... and laughing lightly when he pushes even harder against the edge of the desk, hands gripping, sounds becoming desperate. I kiss his back, though he might not feel it fully, and thrust his arousal against my hands.* Ah- *His arousal hardens more fully, and my hand quickly cups it to his body, feeling its size as it rubs into my palm. My own arousal grows harder. My breath is thick as I rock against the roughness of his pants. I know I’ll miss the texture, but I must have his clothes least a feel his fuck him so hard he forgets his name. My hand slips from his bulge to the seam of his underwear, dipping fingers underneath for the first taste of his hot skin. Tucking both hands around his clothing, taking hold of his pants as well as his underwear, I begin to tug downwards, sliding my grip to his sides when his garments are caught on his hips. My body pulls away from him in that instant, and my hands pull down firmly, dropping his pants just below his rump before my arousal again connects, straight to his bare skin. My hands release the clothing and instantly return to his groin, touching his erection as it rubs just above the surface of the desk. My fingers squeeze down his length to the hot, moist base of his arousal, and I hold him, rocking in my hands as I continue to push my hips up, swerving them, into the giving curves of his rump.* Ah, fuck, come... Bill, come...

Billy: *I can’t believe I even still remember how to move other parts of my body besides my hips at this point, but somehow I manage to step from my pants which are puddled around my ankles. I thrust forward into his hands, knowing perfectly well I may just do what he’s telling me to a bit too soon if he doesn’t hurry up and stop touching me and get his own pants down. I take two steps, leaning farther over the desk as I spread my legs wider.* Damn it, Dom, just fuck me, please... *I bite my lip and moan loudly, laying my cheek down flat against the cool surface of my desk as I rock helplessly into his hands.*

Dom: *Yes... My hands shift quickly to my own pants, abandoning Billy in a moment of hurried anticipation, fingers tripping around the fastenings at my front, finally letting them loose from the bulge underneath. I push my pants down just enough then move to my underwear, taking them down slowly against all sharp sensations and releasing my erection aside the warm skin of Billy’s rump as I tuck the clothing in my hands just beneath my arousal. My hands leap back to his skin, gripping at his thighs, rubbing forward a little to feel the plane that leads to his hardness pressing around the corner of the desk. I hold him steady, though he continues to thrust helplessly, and I shift my feet closer, bare skin sending its heat onto his, hips almost able to feel him. With a grunt, I lift Billy’s hips a little more, putting them in position for me, stepping into the space where his legs are spread. My erection touches his skin lightly and runs down the channel of his rump until I can feel the circle of his opening on my head. My breath stops. Even Billy stills. I harden further. Taking a firm grip of his body, I press my hips forward. His opening slides over the head of my arousal, my length delves deeply into his body, heat licking around its tender skin, and a hiss slowly, painfully escapes my lips. My fingers are digging around his hipbone, I feel his skin beneath my nails, and my hands are the only parts I am able to keep still, while the rest of my is so stiff that it shudders. His opening reaches my base, stretched tightly and leaping with each pulse that strikes its circle. A groan grows out of me into the room and trembles away into a sigh, my body collapsing, resting its whole weight down onto Billy’s back. My heart collides against his spine; I lie panting.* Yes... *I breathe...weakening...* Hard... fucking..come... *My hips lift tenderly and already I’m moaning. I shouldn’t move. If I do, it will be over in a heartbeat. But... oh, fuck, if I don’t... I lift my hips a bit more, rubbing roughly, steadily, out of Billy’s opening again... My skin begins to excite. A cold taste comes into my mouth, and my stomach tightens. Cycling flickers behind my arousal; blue flame; tiny sparks.* Ah-, come, Billy... almost...

Billy: *He’s going to rip me in two; I know that already, and all I want to do is help that along. The rough heat from his length piercing me registers as blunt pain but only for an instant until it only serves to fuel the fires already licking through my entire body. I worry my bottom lip beneath my teeth and then I press back, hard, trying my hardest to keep down at the violent moan that threatens to burst from my throat. It isn’t enough, not nearly enough, not when he’s holding me like this.* Fucking move faster, Dominic... *I growl, releasing the grip of my teeth on my lip for a moment before sliding them back into the hardy marks they’ve made on my bruised flesh. I snake a hand back blindly to cover one of his on my hip, fingertips digging bruisingly into my own skin and his hand. My other hand slides beneath me, taking my own erection in hand with a tight grip.* Fuck, harder - *I rasp out as I touch my sensitized skin, knowing that this won’t last as long as I wish it would. I tighten around him as he slips into my body again, deeper than I thought possible. Our bodies shudder together as we make contact and I am pressed further against the desk, cheek flat against the hard surface, and I close my eyes and ignore everything but the sounds he is making and the fire he lights in my body.*

Dom: *My erection rubs the back of him and produces a sound; so heavy... My head buries between his shoulders, pushing against his tight muscles. I don’t move, hardly breathe, pulse pumping down my length inside of him. And he speaks, and tightens forcefully, and my skin trickles with want. I lurch back, dragging my erection through his opening, then, on one sharp breath, slam back into him. My shout breaks into the room, and I bury my face into his back again to muffle my sound as I already begin to pull away from him again. His nails claw my hands when I wait on the brink of a thrust for too long, and I drive into him again; the cycling gripping at my arousal sparking into cutting flames, scorching down my length, searing his body and mine. My stomach turns lustfully, and I hitch into him, then pull away, and crash back in, and pull out, thrust in, out, in, out, in, out, in, in a little more, and swiftly out and in, repeating, hips circling against his rump, my length becoming pleasantly raw through his opening. With each thrust I go farther, pulse knocking at his walls, head striking the very back of him with a coarse, muffled cry. I shift my position quickly and drive into him at a new angle, sending Billy’s body heaving against the desk... The sound he makes... The sound still echoing off the walls... That sound... His nails latch at my fingers, stiffening, and remaining hard for my next thrust. He shouts again, and I moan, shuddering through my body and raising the flames on my arousal.* Fuck, Billy, fucking hell, come, come on...come on... *I buck my hips against him, legs stretching to push me forward, lifting one, then the other slowly up his thighs, reaching to be deeper inside.* Fuck... *I pant.* Fuck...fuck... *The flames have turned white, and they squeeze around my erection like burning ropes, chafing forward and back, and the pit of my stomach pricks, warning. My whole body arches, thrusting madly. His sounds...* Fuck, Billy... Come... Just come... *I’m almost there... almost... come on...* harder...

Billy: *I can’t move anymore, not at all. His slams against me send my arousal sliding through my fist, and any arching back against him would just fight the delicious force he’s exerting on me. He moves, shifts, and I cry out loudly to the room as he hits my spot repeatedly, blinding me of everything except for the seizing pleasure that shoots straight to my core. I think I’m going to go straight through the desk if he pounds any harder, and I’d like to know if he could try. I claw frantically at his hand on my hip, anchoring it in place in fear that if he let go even a little we would lose the contact. His breath pours harshly over my back, hot and erratic. There’s a rising howl in the back of my throat as everything inside me stretches, straining to hold back what I know is inevitable, and I don’t know when it’s going to burst forth. And then he shoves just right, rocketing straight back into me and everything snaps; the whole world breaks around me as everything I’ve held at bay shoots forward and my orgasm hits me. I double up over the corner of the desk, bearing down on his deep-seated arousal tightly, and the firm placement of my teeth upon my lip breaks the skin, sending the taste of copper to my tongue as I attempt to hold in the cry that rises through my teetering body. The bite doesn’t work, and I wail hoarsely as I come violently over the desk, slipping in my own release as I shove myself back against Dom’s hips one final time.*

Dom: *I press my open mouth into his back and cry out, feeling his channel clasp around my length and hold me in place. I can’t even pull away, and I know he must be squeezing himself in the same way, lying stiff, pushing outward with every limb, and succumbing to the pleasure of his own heated fluid. A drop meets my leg, pressed strictly to his thigh, still burning from Billy’s body as it trickles slowly down my skin, tickling softly. His cry grows, and as he is still coming, as I am soon forgetting the droplet of his fluid caressing down my leg, as I am still gripped deep within him, my arousal swims with need, and in an instant it is churning, hot, moist, hotter, voice grows at a warm point on his shoulder, dampening the cloth of his shirt, growing louder and louder, groaning out with pleading strain until I can hear it almost as if I were crying out into the room, and my orgasm riddles my erection and sends hot fluid bursting against the most inner walls of Billy’s body. My mouth cries wetly, open on Billy’s back, vibrating through to his muscles, our voices colliding in the room until Billy’s cry weakens to breath and I overcome him until the last of my fluid runs from me.* Fuck... *My voice dwindles around the word and my body turns to liquid over him. My hips slide down, length slipping in Billy’s full opening, fingers lifting from his bruised hips and entangling themselves with his limply. Panting, my lips dry, I turn my head on Billy’s shoulder, resting my cheek there and learning to open my eyes again. The cloth on my skin is damp, still warm, and his body smells like sweet musk.* Billy... *I whimper, nuzzling into the scent, never wanting to rise from him.* mm...stay...

Billy: *Gradually, my body loosens, and I slip from my taught position against the edge of the desk and rest back against Dom, a weak chuckle expelling the last of my haggard breaths from my lungs.* Shite, Dom... *I’m tempted to agree with his demand as all of my bones seem to have vacated my body, but I know in mere moments it’s going to become very painful to be in this position, not to mention that anyone who remains in this building is probably very curious about the thumping sounds and guttural cries coming from the elementary wing on the second floor.* If we were anywhere else, I’d agree in a heartbeat... *I shift slightly and wince; suddenly various parts of my body are protesting quite loudly at movement of any sort, and a dull throb settles in for just staying in one position. But I suppose we’ve got to choose the lesser of two evils, and we’ve got to clean up before we can head home so I can punish him properly. I give his fingers a languid squeeze, sighing, sated.*

Dom: *I nuzzle him again with a sympathetic smile, resting weakly on my lips. I press a kiss on his shoulder and sigh.* Okay... *Taking in a breath, I slowly try to stand, head a bit dizzy when I finally make it to my feet. I hold Billy’s sides still, stepping back, allowing my length to slide from him limply, releasing a bit of fluid down his thigh. Then I squeeze his hand as he begins to rise, cradling him steady at the waist when he finally sets his feet down in place. He wobbles, then places a hand on the desk, pushing himself up and staggering, and I tug him back into my welcoming arms, letting him lean his weight on my body, pressing my chest to his back and chin to his shoulder. Our foreheads touch at the sides, connecting with that cool sweat. I dip my head and breathe the scent at the bend of his neck.* I love you. *I put down a tiny kiss.*

Billy: *I smile and a blush rises over the already heated flush of my cheeks, and I turn my head slightly to kiss where I can, which happens to be his temple. I’m tempted to just remain here, pressed in his arms, because at the moment I can’t feel anything but his warmth, but I know it would probably be a good idea to get cleaned up and put my trousers back on.* I love you too. *I remove myself gently from his arms and move over to the little sink in the corner of the room where I pull out a roll of paper towels, wiping my own skin clean as I move back over to Dom with a brimming smile on my face. I bend over to retrieve my trousers, ignoring the shriek of pain that spreads across my rump and back as I pull them on and up, fastening them. Well, I suppose there’s little I can do at the moment about the state of my shirt... I’ll just wear my coat out. Buttoned. I rip off a length of paper towel to use on the desk and pass the roll to Dom.*

Dom: *I smile lightly and take the roll, unraveling a bit and ripping it off. I look over my body , inspecting the redness of my length and dapping delicately to clean it of anything I’d left behind. Finishing, I crumple the used towel and walk to the sink, setting down the roll and reaching my hand back up to my open clothing. I carefully pull my underwear back to my waist, then adjust my pants to their correct position and fasten the button. My zipper comes up as I turn back to Billy, holding out the crumpled paper towel still in my hand.* Where does this go, Bill? *I’m not sure he’d want it in the trash bin, really. Not in his classroom. He wipes at the desk a bit more and then looks over his shoulder to me. A flash of red appears on his cheek; I hadn’t even noticed it before. My expression drops in astonishment, but I’m afraid he’ll answer too soon for me to speak about it.*

Billy: *I mop up the desk as best as I can, pleased that nothing on my desk seems to need cleaning and that I missed the papers entirely, before I glance at Dom, the question freezing me temporarily.* Uhm... we’ll have to bring them home with us. I think I have some empty bags somewhere... *The idea of leaving them in the classroom is unthinkable for obvious reasons, which reminds me of other preparations I have to make in order for the room to be ready again on Monday. I catch a glimpse of his expression as I make my way over to the cupboards to retrieve a plastic bag, and I frown in confusion.* What is it? *I ask, depositing my own soiled paper towels into the bag and holding it out for Dom.*

Dom: *I grab the bag, forgetting to put my towel in, and stagger closer to Billy. My brow bends as I take a closer look at the mark on his cheek, my jaw dropping when I realise what it is. I shove my paper towel into the bag and lift my hand to cup his face, delicately brushing the cut with my thumb.* Did I do that? *My eyes dance over his face, catching on a bit more red settled on his lip.* And that? *I touch the damp place at his lip with my finger, lifting my hand away to see the crimson imprint on my fingertip. I look into Billy’s eyes worriedly.*

Billy: *I had forgotten completely; the marks seem trivial now. I swipe at my lower lip with my tongue, once again tasting the metallic tang of my own blood, and raise a fingertip to my cheek to press against the small cut.* Maybe indirectly. *I reply with a wink, bending over with a small grimace to collect the papers and supplies that were pushed to the ground. I pick them up and settle them slowly on the desk, my eyes falling to the culprit object.* Tape dispenser. *I say absently, gesturing at its serrated edge.* It broke my fall.

Dom: *I feel a sudden need to cuddle him, but for once I hold my ground and watch as he continues to position objects on the surface of his desk. My voice isn’t so resilient, however.* Aw, sweetheart... *I whimper, looking from the tape dispenser to his wounded face. My hand longs to reach up to him, but I bring it away.* Damn...tape... Are you okay? *I pull in my lower lip, knowing already what he’ll say... But I had to ask anyway. It’s my job, I think. At least, I felt like I really should ask it. I’m pretty sure it’s some requirement of loving him.*

Billy: I’m fine. *I finish reorganizing the objects on my desk to my satisfaction before turning and striding over to the window, opening it a crack. It’ll have to stay that way for the weekend. I turn and examine the darkened room, looking for more traces of disorganization, but I think everything is back to normal, now. Finally. Onto the important parts. I cross the room back to Dom with a slight flinch at each step and slide my arms around his waist, situating my hands in each of his back pockets as I pull him close.* Don’t worry about it. *I rest my forehead against his with a happy sigh.*

Dom: You sure? *I try, but my smile is already forming. I look deeply into his eyes and see the happiness written there, which assures me enough that he’s all right. Well, aside from certain areas. I wish I could carry him out to the car to save him a little pain, but I know we’ll probably seen on the way... I slide my arms around the bend of his waist and press my hands into the small of his back. I feel a little laughter in my throat, tickling around the more I look at him. Squinting happily, I rub my nose against his.* How did you like having it at work?... *I whisper through a smile, gazing at him teasingly and biting my tongue.*

Billy: *I shake briefly with silent laughter, pressing against his body, and I nuzzle against his cheek, closing my eyes briefly.* You are in a lot of trouble, Dominic Monaghan. I think I remember specifically telling you work was not the place for these activities. *Still, I smile and curve against his body, holding him tightly before giving his rump a firm squeeze and releasing him, backing away.* I think you know how I liked it. I usually try to be quieter than that. *I can feel the blush in my cheeks as I smile almost shyly at him, fingers lingering at his hips.*

Dom: *I smile proudly, trying not to giggle, and probably blushing a bit instead. I rub my thumbs at his sides, feeling the wrinkles of his shirt.* I know... *I speak softly.* But you’re quite sexy when you speak up about...everything... *I grin cheekily and lean in to kiss him on the corner of his mouth.* Lets me know where you like it... makes me feel better... *A kiss to the other corner.*

Billy: Mmm, maybe so, but I’m not sure how appropriate all that yelling was here... *Still, it’s over and done with now, and no one’s come running, so I think we might be in the clear. Hopefully. I pull away from him and head over near the door to retrieve my coat and bag. Slinging the coat around my shoulders, I button it up with a slightly embarrassed grin to cover the state of my shirt. I sling the bag over my shoulder and hold out my hand to Dom.* Let’s go home. I need to punish you properly. *I lick distractedly at my bruised lower lip.* And maybe then, after that, I’ll tell you just exactly how I liked it.

Dom: Hm... *I take his hand warmly and make my way to him, standing before him and smiling in agreement. I look down across his perfect face.* But before that... *I speak softly, lifting a finger to his lip as his tongue brushes it.* ...we'll get you a couple bandages, hey? *I cup my hand from his mouth to his cheek and watch as his sweet smile appears. Even with the speckles of dark crimson on him, he is beautiful. I think it draws a bit of attention to his eyes, which are now brilliant green, asking to be gazed into. It's a shame we often have to leave when I feel like this.*

Billy: *I return his smile and gaze up at him, not wanting to break this contact we have, even if it’s just to walk out of the classroom and drive back home to restore that same close proximity. But I cover his hand with my own, pulling it from my cheek to my lips briefly before dropping it to our sides, squeezing gently as I unlock the door and pull it open.* Only if we have some with cartoon characters on them. *I deadpan with a serious nod before breaking out into a grin.*

Dom: *I chuckle lightly and step up behind him, following closely as we make our way out of the class.* I think we have some, actually... *I speak distractedly, and with a swift reach, I take hold of the strap on his bag, slipping it off of his shoulder and onto mine with a grin. I shrug under the weight and step in stride with him, walking proudly without paying much attention to anything outside of his presence.* So... *I slide my tongue to the corner of my mouth in thought, trying to hold back the mischievousness of my grin. Sensations from that classroom are beginning to haunt me, and I can't help but dwell on them. My heart races, body already longing for more. I intend to make some insinuating comment to Billy as I look at him, leaning in to do so as we near the turn of the stairwell, but as soon as we turn, tongue already on my lips, we are stricken to a halt before one of the school's janitors. Of course I, having nothing on my mind but Billy...and indecencies..., have nothing to say, and simply stammer uncertainly as he gives Billy and I more curious looks.*

Billy: *I freeze with my foot halfway to the step below as we counter one of the few other occupants in the school, and for a moment my mouth goes dry. And then I glance quickly at Dom and, seeing I am going to get no help from him, I turn on a warm, cheerful smile and look to the janitor.* G’night, Ralph. *I say with a nod of my head. Nothing to be nervous about, Billy, just make the typical pleasantries and be on your way.* Have a good weekend! *I wrap my fingers around the strap of the shoulder bag and give it a short tug as I continue down the stairs, pulling Dom along with me. I don’t dare look back and instead just hope that my joviality has put any suspicious notions out of the janitor’s head.*

Dom: *My voice hiccups as I bounce down the last few stairs behind Bill, leaning forward a bit as he tugs me by the shoulder strap. He releases me at the bottom on the stairwell and I bump into him a little, glancing over my shoulder to see the janitor give us one last look before continuing on his way.* Ha. *I turn a smile back to Billy, walking snugly beside him as we make for the school doors.* Looks like my mission was a success...

Billy: Mission? *I push out of the doors quickly, eager to be away from the building, away from everyone and everything that is not the two of us and bed.* What mission? And how could it possibly be a success? *I look across the parking lot to the car and drag him towards it, because once we’re in the car it’s our territory, and no one can give us strange looks once we’re there.* You’re just lucky I’m such a superb actor, or we might not have made it out of there without some questions being asked.

Dom: Well, thank you for your talents, sweetheart. *I scoot out from the weight of one of the doors and trip into the parking lot as Billy tugs me again. My feet stumble over a small curb and I scurry after Billy's pull, smile forming on my lips.* You are very talented. *I see the car before us and rattle the keys from my pocket, handing them up to Bill.*

Billy: Thank you. *I snatch the keys from his grasp with a smirk, unlocking the passenger door first for him and then the driver’s side, slipping in with a relieved sigh, shutting the door behind me. Once he’s in with his door shut I reach across the center panel and grab his shirt, pulling him over to meet me halfway with a bruising kiss. I’ve waited until we got this far to do that, but I don’t think I could have waited any longer.*

Dom: Mmph- *He's kissed me for a solid two seconds before I've come to my senses and begun to respond. I must admit, I hadn't really expected this. I think I've dwelt on 'my mission' for too long. But I think my mind is beginning to function in other ways again, and this is a very welcome turn of events. My lips curve in a smile, working on his mouth, my body drawn in as he grips my shirt closer. Steadily, my left hand rests down on the angle of his thigh, my other hand wrapping around the emergency brake, and I push forward into the kiss. But my tongue collides with the stark taste of copper and I break away from his mouth almost as soon as I'd felt it.* Sorry... *I breathe heavily and my eyes glance down to his tender lip.*

Billy: *I shake my head as I take a deep breath of air, not relinquishing my hold on the front of his shirt even after he’s pulled back.* Can’t even feel it anymore. *I say truthfully, having forgotten about any injury that may have happened in the past hour or so. But it’s a good thing that one of us had the sense to pull back, because I’m not sure we’d make it out of the parking lot otherwise. I release my grip upon the fabric and cover his hand on my thigh with my own, smiling softly at him, before starting the car and pulling us out of the parking lot, on the road home.*

Dom: *I settle back into my seat, turning my head to the window beside me. My fingers squeeze absently, still on his thigh, and I can see him smile faintly in the reflection on the glass. I feel the corner of my mouth lift, forgetting about the town passing by through the window, and thinking only of being home in his arms again.* Billy?

Billy: *I’m concentrating on driving, on maintaining a normal speed and not driving us home at breakneck speed just so I can have him again, but I spare a glance from out the windshield to his face, which is turned away from me, when he says my name.* Hmmm?

Dom: *I tilt my head toward the window, wanting to rest it there, but knowing it will get bumped. My left hand rubs the texture of my pant leg, and soon I smile again.* Do you really like kids? *I send a glance at him from the corner of my eye; watch his lips curve softly.*

Billy: *I laugh softly and redirect my eyes to the road, looking happily at the sign that tells us we’re entering Lauderville. It’s about time.* Yes, Dom. I really, really, really like kids. *I glance back over at him quickly.* A lot.

Dom: *I look out of my window, the trees beginning to roll past quickly, and smile around a sigh. I can't wait to be home; home with my Billy in his arms in our bed. I almost wish we had to worry about things getting pregnant, I suppose. I wish I could worry about it right now. Worry that Billy might... That he might be... I pinch my eyes in a slow blink and turn my head toward the windshield.* I like kids, too.

Billy: *Dom’s mind may be permanently glued on that subject now, though I’d be lying if I didn’t feel a happy warmth spread through me at the idea of him giving so much thought to children... with me. I watch main street speed by and turn onto our road, pulling up into the driveway moments later. Stopping the car, I get out and head onto the porch, waiting for him to join me before I slip my arms around his waist and pull him close again, lips near his ear.* That day will come, Dominic, I promise. *I kiss him warmly on the cheek, tightening my grip on him as I sigh, glad to be home.*
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