Lauderville Mod (laudervillemod) wrote in lauderville,
Lauderville Mod

As I'm sure you've all noticed, this community has been inactive for quite some time (haha, understatement of the day), for one reason or another. Because of this, to get some closure, I feel it's only fair to declare this RPG dead and gone. It's been a lot of fun while it lasted, and I'm so glad to have had the chance to read and write with some of you guys. You're all terrific writers! That being said, feel free to take your journals elsewhere and use them for other RPGs, if you can. Thanks so much for the time you all put into this RPG, and I look forward to seeing you guys in RPGs in the future!

Also, thank you to anyone who may have been reading this who is not in the actual RPG. If you are interested in finding out what will happen to a couple of the characters (who will still be living in this little town), please look here. Thank you!

(Co-mod and Billymun)
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